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Joker Scheme Slot Machine - Great Fun For Novices

If you are looking for a new casino gaming system that offers exciting casino games, then you should consider the Machine at the Bellagio. Jokers is also the name of the slot game in the slot games world, where a slot player can use a single coin while playing a different number of "panic" or non-stroked coins. The objective is to identify which number has the highest rate of payouts when it is their turn to play. A winning Jokers Joke requires players to know how to identify the best Jokers that are in the Machine in a live casino.
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Best Caesars Property For Gaming In The Evening

Hey Vegas. Hoping for help deciding on a casino to play in tonight. We are wanting to stick with a Caesars property to make sure we get our credits but need some guidance on where to play.
We are looking for something mid-level. Caesars Palace for example tends to have expensive tables at night, as expected of course similar to what would be found at Bellagio or Aria. We tried to hang out the other night at The Linq and Harrahs and they were really “bro.” Which is expected for cheap table games.
We are curious if any of these would best for us tonight for around $15 min Blackjack and Roulette and with a vibe thats not too broish.
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My own notes from video of Las Vegas Shooting Body Cams Synched With Police Scanner Audio

First of all, all credit to nostradanymous, for putting together this video
YouTube link:
And his thread on /conspiracy:
I don't what people to think I'm taking any credit for this person's outstanding work.
I was watching and listening to the video and couldn't help make some notes about what was going on. Please comment, tell me where I'm wrong, or add anything else you think is suspicious about what was happening on that night.
I really didn't find anything too interesting before they arrive at Mandalay Bay (I might be wrong, please point out what I missed!), so we'll start here. IMPORTANT NOTE: the time markers are for this video only, and would not be accurate for the individual cam videos.
@19.57, they say they already have a 4 man team upstairs and he says something about “another team” coming to them. Soon after that they say they have conformation of at least two shooters.
@25:30 Can someone explain to me why they went up to the 29th floor first, to clear it, before going up to the 32nd?
@27:52 “Get off the fucking radio with that shit.” What is the officer referring to here?
@32:50 someone asks, “How many strike teams do we have at the Mandalay Bay?” That’s a great question, anyone know how many strike teams were there?
@34.55 more confirmation that there is already a strike team on the 32nd floor.
@36:10 interesting talk about a white male in fatigues and carrying a black bag going into a motorhome at the Motel 6, people were saying he came from the area of the shooting.
Also, at some point before (I forgot to mark it, sorry!) they were talking about a black SUV speeding away from the scene, I seem to remember that being important.
@36:40 a civilian stole a patrol car. And then @37:35 “I’m being overtaken by citizens trying to take patrol cars!” You forget how absolutely insane that night was…..
@39:20 Sgt. Bitsko confirming there is a team already on the 32nd floor, he says he doesn’t want a “blue on blue”, which I’m assuming is Metro firing on Metro.
@40:20 confirmation they have casualties at two scenes, Ali Baba & Giles (which is on the east side of the Route 91 concert grounds) and inside the Mandalay Bay
@43:00 call for more units at Reno and Tropicana, they might have “a possible”. Another possible shooter, I’m guessing?
@43:15 got a five man team going to floor 2. I didn’t notice if they said what for, though
@43:40 subject on the helipad
@44:25 shots fired?
@45:00 two officers arrive to investigate that target RV mentioned at 36:10
@45:30 AAAAAAND they’re finally on the 32nd floor.
@45:50 The team is met by a heavily kitted out SWAT officer who was already on the 32nd floor, and who immediately takes everyone back down to the 31st floor. They are being told that they going to the other stairwell to go up and arrive closer to Paddocks suite.
@47:00 more confirmation that Ali Baba & Giles and inside the Mandalay Bay are the two shooting locations.
@49:14 loud noise? Nobody flinches so it’s probably nothing
@49:55 more loud noises, these come immediately after someone says, “Hit it with your fucking baton.” Hit what, though?
@52:30 Bathroom break! But K9 officer David Newton still washes his hands. Remember, kids, even in an active shooter situation, personal hygiene is always a top priority!
@55:00 back on the 32nd floor.
I’m going to pause here to mention that, according to the official Metro Oct 1st report
On page 12: “From approximately 2205 to 2216 hours, Paddock committed a mass shooting that left 58 people dead and over 700 hundred injured.”
Paddock only fired for 11 minutes, ending at 22:16. These guys are only now getting to the 32nd floor
On page 13: “Engineer Schuck stated over his radio, “Shannon, call the police. Someone’s firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway.” So, both Jesus Campos (who had already, supposedly, taken a bullet from Paddock) and Stephen Schuck has identified the 32nd floor as the location of the shooter.
I guess what I’m saying is that there was well over an hour from the time Paddock stopped shooting to when the officers with the body cams came onto his floor.
ON page 14: “Approximately 2241 hours A Strike Team which included K9 Sergeant Bitsko, K9 Officer Newton, SWAT Officer Hancock and Detective Walford ascended the stairs from the 30th floor. The Strike Team made entry and cleared the 31st floor. Approximately 2256 hours The Strike Team reentered the stairwell from the 31st floor and walked up to the 32nd floor”
Now, remember, @19.57, they said they already have a 4 man team upstairs and he says something about “another team” coming to them. That, plus Bitsko and Newton were met by another SWAT officer already on the 32nd floor before they even arrived.
According to the official Metro Oct 1st report: "Approximately 2257 hours K9 Sergeant Bitsko and SWAT Officer Hancock manually breached the door barricaded with the “L” bracket."
I might be wrong about this, but at round the @55:00-56:00 mark you should be seeing the officers dealing with the L bracket, but I’m not seeing anything. Again, might be wrong, but it sure looks like it was dealt with earlier.
@57:13 is that the door to Paddock’s suite? Does it look like 200 rounds have been fired through it?
@58:00 radio says they have a possible suspect at Circus Circus and Industrial, that’s at the far north end of the Strip, a few miles from the Mandalay Bay.
@1:00.05 possible shots fired at New York New York @1:01:32, shooter at the front desk at NYNY
@1:02:12 reports of a black Audi with “wires hanging out” at the Luxor valet, just next door.
@1:02:22 false alarm at the NYNY?
@1:03:00 there are officers already in the hallway, strike team is trying to contact them so they are not caught in the crossfire.
@1:03:32 Yup, that $2.00 L bracket looks like it’s already been dealt with.
@1:07:12 reports of two shots fired inside casino floor at NYNY, several subjects down at NYNY and Zumanity
@1:08:00 looks like they’ve placed the explosive charge on the door of Paddock’s suite
@1:09:05 talking about the possibility of NYNY being a diversion. Earlier, someone had said they where there and it looked “pretty calm”. So, maybe it’s nothing.
@1:09:28 now reports of active shooter at Tropicana, which is just kitty-corner from NYNY, and all within view of Mandalay Bay
@1:09:37 that’s the best view of Paddock’s door I’ve seen, looks like maybe two dozen bullet holes at most
@1:09:53 multiple calls about multiple shooters at multiple locations. Dispatcher suggests they may not be diversions. Let’s listen to those 911 calls now……oh wait, we can’t because LV Metro hasn’t released any yet!
@1:10:16 radio from outside Tropicana, they aren’t hearing any gunshots. Also, looks like we lost David Newton’s body cam, looks like it fell down the stairwell?
@1:11:15 “BREACH, BREACH, BREACH”. We’re finally a go for getting into the Suite.
According to the official LV Metro Oct 1st report, he Strike Team conducted an explosive breach into room 32-135 and made entry at approx 23:20. Remember, Paddock stopped shooting at 22:17, more than an hour earlier.
@1:13:07 enter stage right, where did these officers come from?
@1:13:16 partial view down the hallway, looks pretty nice.
@1:13:41 finally in Paddock’s suite itself. Multiple officers have entered the suite before Sgt Bisko.
@1:14:00 “BREACH, BREACH, BREACH” I’m assuming that that’s for the entrance to Paddock’s 2nd suite
@1:14:55 reports of two shots fired in the park area of NYNY, and one at Aria, which is City Center, a little further north on the Strip. And, @1:15:58 they’re sending two teams to Excalibur, which is right between Luxor and NYNY
@1:16:27 another breach, this time within the suite, I’m assuming it’s this, according to the LV Metro report: “Approximately 2326 hours The Strike Team made a second explosive breach from inside of room 32-135 into room 32-134 through the connecting doors. Immediately after the explosive breach an LVMPD SWAT Officer negligently fired a three round burst from his rifle. The rounds fired from the SWAT officer’s rifle struck a chair, an entertainment centecabinet and a wall.”
@1:18:02 officer reporting that they have made contact with people inside the Tropicana, and there were no shots fired.
@1:18:15, now everyone is coming out of Paddock’s suite. I’ve mostly seen Bitsko’s chin and the ceiling from his body camera, I don’t think I saw the floor once. And @1:18:19 more hallway, looks fine.
@1:19:00 they are reporting one suspect down in room 135 @ Mandalay Bay
Quick question: are there still guests in the other suites on that floor? Were they evacuated? If so, by whom?
@1:19:54 STILL getting reports of shots fired at the Tropicana, but someone immediately comes on and says they are at the Tropicana (see @1:18:02) and there are no shots fired. So, who knows, eh? Also, no shots fired at Aria.
@1:20:16 command to start “rechecks” all the way down the hall. I’m assuming that they are rechecking the rooms to make sure they are empty? If so, who evacuated people in the first place? Why didn’t anyone staying on that floor go on the Ellen show? Just thinking out loud here.
@1:20:25 security at NYNY are saying no shots fired in the casino
@1:22:00 still talking about the black Audi with the wires hanging out of it at Luxor. They’ve got area locked down.
@1:22:40 now getting reports of shots fired at Ceasers and the Belliago. This is interesting because the reports are making a direct path from the Mandalay Bay northwards up the Strip.
@1:23:38 Bitsko wandered back into the suite after loitering in the hallways for a bit, now getting a better view of the room, and the guns.
@1:24:58 reports of a man with a gun at the Paris. Note, that is directly across the street from the Bellagio!
In the suite they are talking about windows not being broken, and I’ve seen people comment on that, but listening to it in context, it sounds like a nothingburger, they are just trying to identify what windows are broken and which aren’t. But, again, that’s just me. Come to your own conclusions, and let me know if I’m wrong!
@1:25:33 “Let’s get some units to Flamingo and the Boulevard to stop this guy going north anymore.”
@1:25:51 talking about Paddock, “This guy’s been 419 for a minute”. Meaning he’s been dead for a while. LV Metro code for dead body is 419 But, he committed suicide because he thought SWAT was going to breach is room, and the jig was up, right? Right?
@1:27:33 talking about the gas mask they found.
@1:28:22 reports of 434’s at Paris, that’s illegal shooting (I should have downloaded that Metro code sheet at the start), and they’ve got “people running everywhere.” But, when pressed, they aren’t hearing shots right that moment.
@1:30:33 the footage is clearly edited, there is an obvious cut there. I wonder how many more of those I’ve missed.
@1:31:28 strike team arrives at Paris
@1:31:43 more of a walk around in the suite
@1:32:35 strike team at Paris, no gunshots, but every one is leaving
@1:33:19 mention of a players card found with the name of Mary Lou Danly, Paddock’s girlfriend
@1:34:09 not over the radio, but someone with Bitsko’s earshot said there was a man with a rifle at Bellagio. Again, that’s right across the street from Paris, where people are running from.
@1:35:09 Sgt. Bitsko’s footage ends
And that's where I've ended, too. It's all very, very odd, don't you think?
Edit #1: fixed some formatting issues.
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Going to Vegas in July - I've been doing my research so hope this can help others.

I'm going in July and have done some research.
Plenty of this is from the sidebar, but other notes are from many of other sources.
The Vegas Degenerate Tour ( . ) ( . )
Things to do:
Sex/Swingers Clubs (Or; no, you filthy pervert - what's wrong with you?)
Drive along east CA down US-395 and crossing over to Nevada after Death Valley is one of the greatest drives I have ever done.
Edited to include corrections.
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Chip 2.0

I’m familiar with the online casino mission of FUN, but are there any plans to move into physical casinos as well? I consider FUN a casino chip 2.0 and find their position more defensible as an improvement on the classic casino chip.
In an online casino, FUN is a specialized application of Ethereum that’s biggest benefit is that the design and development is focused on a singular use case. Once FUN validates this use case (which, as an investor, I’m hoping they do) what’s to stop more widely accepted projects with greater network effects from coming in and taking FUN’s lunch? We all know consumers have a preference towards liquidity and Ethereum is more liquid than its ERC20 counterparts (at least for the foreseeable future).
However, I think FUN has an amazing opportunity to tokenize wagers at physical casinos and become chip 2.0. Based on a little research, casinos use chips instead of dollars for a few reasons: gambler psychology, security, convenience, and data.
Psychology. Casinos use chips because it’s less painful from a psychological standpoint to lose some brightly colored representation of money than cold hard cash. Chips provide just enough abstraction from greenbacks that we perceive them differently and are thus willing to part with them more readily. I’m not a big gambler but have observed similar behavior in the way I use Venmo and even my credit card. I know it’s completely irrational, but I feel less pain completing a $100 venmo charge than I do forking over a wad of cash. This is not an uncommon psychological phenomenon as a long-known budgeting exercise is to pay for everything with cash over the course of a week to closely observe your cash flow and “feel” the cost of your expenses.
I think FUN is superior to chips psychologically because it represents an even further abstraction of fiat. If big crypto (ethereum in this case) is a riskiemore volatile/[educated] gambler’s version of fiat and FUN is an abstraction of ethereum (as all ERC20 tokens are) then there are a couple of conversion steps for the user to get back to dollars. I believe the added conversion friction will play to FUN’s advantage when people are deciding whether or not to put it all on black.
Security. From “Chips provide casinos with an extra layer of security. Casinos control those chips and have a number of tricks they can use to discourage or foil those with criminal intent. A few years back, a man parked his motorcycle in the Bellagio’s valet area, ran inside with a gun and robbed a craps table for $1.5 million worth of chips.
The Bellagio noticed that a good portion of the thief’s ill-gotten gains consisted of $25,000 denomination chips. A few days later, the Bellagio announced to the world that it would soon discontinue all of its current $25,000 chips. Those chips would all become worthless after the deadline set by the casino.
This put the thief in the awkward position of having to cash in a lot of valuable chips in a short amount of time. He was later caught trying to sell his chips via the poker forums. The “buyer” reported the attempted sale to police and the bandit was later caught.
Some casinos also add RFID (radio frequency ID) chips to their chips. This allows them to keep track of their high denomination chips and easily detect frauds. If someone comes in with a bunch of clever counterfeits, those chips won’t authenticate and the casino won’t mistakenly cash out a bunch of fake chips.”
So this is where FUN and blockchain tech destroys even the super-security-conscious RFID-enabled chips :). It’s as if immutable ledger technology was invented to solve this very problem. The security baked into the blockchain make chip theft and counterfeiting a thing of the past.
Convenience. It’s more convenient to gamble chips than handling and counting a bunch of dollars, especially when gambling large sums. This is another area where fun is a step function improvement over chips. With FUN, everyone has their “chips” conveniently stored in a wallet and can choose precise increments they wish to wager.
Data. “RFID chips allow casinos to catch dealer mistakes, to catch players who attempt to sneak in extra chips to the table after betting has closed, to track how chips move around the casino and more. Casinos can use this information to streamline profits, track trends and avoid losing money to crooks.” The transparency and availability of blockchain transactions is a dream for performing analysis of this nature. Casinos would easily be able to identify high rollers and perform analysis on gambling habits. This data can then be used for marketing and promotional purposes, designing new games or optimizing the floor layout, and comping players (hopefully in FUN).
If casinos wanted to further idiot-proof the system and add a little friction to cashing out, they could issue proprietary hardware wallets on the floor. These wallets would be used to store FUN and feature a simple interface that would streamline betting.
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6 Nights in Vegas - From Someone Cheap

6 Nights in Vegas - On a Budget

A little background on us. I’m 35 my wife is 28. We aren’t major gamblers by any stretch, but we usually hit up a local casino maybe once a month, twice if we do good, and usually gambling about $100 a piece each time. We are both huge sports fans, especially college sports (Notre Dame). I’m a bit of a tightwad most of the time.
The morning of April 2, 2016 I asked her if she wanted to marry me (both of us have been married once before), she said yes. I bought tickets that morning, didn’t tell anyone our plans and drove from South Bend Indiana area to Chicago O’Hare, and arrived in Vegas right around dark.
The first couple of Hotels I tried for were booked, but we ended up finding a room at Planet Hollywood (which we spent all of about 4 hours in). We then flew out the next morning, spending a total of about 12 hours in Vegas.
This time around, after finding out my kids would be with their mom over Spring Break, I decided to save up and actually plan a trip this time. We debated Florida, Canada, the Smokies, and ended up deciding on Vegas.
Tuesday – March 27 We stayed the night at Blue Chip Casino (BOYD Gaming) in Michigan City Indiana (halfway to O’Hare). Both of us had comps for a free room and Buffet’s as well and about $75 worth of food credit that we had been saving for our Vegas trip. They also gave me a $25 gas card. We decided to gamble $100, and lost pretty quickly. After eating our “free buffets” we decided to go to bed, anticipating an early morning.
Wednesday – March 28 Once we got to O’Hare, we went and checked our 1 bag in at the Spirit Airlines desk. Everything at Spirit is A la Carte, and I had paid for 1 checked bag, however the lady in front of me discovered that their checked bags cost even more if over 40lbs. I had gone with Spirit to save a buck, and overall the experience wasn’t terrible, but I’ve had much better experiences with other non-discount airlines. After arriving in Vegas, we rode the bus from the airport to the Rental Car facility, and in short time had our new car for the week. The nice lady at Payless tried selling me several extras, and I politely declined each of them. I’ve come to expect the sales pitch no matter what rental company I use, and overall my experience with these guys was very good. We ended up changing reservations last minute for our Hotel due to additional offers I received while at Blue Chip. After checking in at the Fremont (all 6 nights) we unpacked, stopped at IN & OUT Burger, and made a run to Wal-Mart for snacks and drinks. We then decided to go check out the Nuwu Dispensary, we were both very impressed with the selection, cleanliness, and friendliness of everyone we talked to there (we are novices at this lol). After making a “small” purchase, we decided to drive out to Mount Charleston for the evening and ended up catching the sunset before driving back into town. We spent the rest of the evening walking around Fremont Street mostly just people watching, before we grabbed a snack from the Café inside the Fremont and went back to our room for the night. The food was average at best, but the price was right, even if I hadn’t used my points.
Thursday – March 29 We slept in until about 9:30, and slowly made our way over to the Hoover Dam. On our way to the Dam, we stopped at Sunset Station for their Brunch Buffet, and were really impressed, especially for the $7 price. After gambling a little and not winning we continued to the Dam. Waze had me going some crazy roads that I’d never taken before to get there, and took us about 3 times longer than I had ever remembered. After getting closer and seeing all of the traffic/road construction I now knew why. All of the lower parking lots were full, so we drove to the little gift shop on the Arizona side (I was surprised to see the road now ends here), got a couple of little souvenirs for our boys, and walked around a little bit before exploring Lake Meade a little and driving back to Fremont. After relaxing for a little bit we again decided to walk around Fremont Street and ended up getting Margaritas and Enchilada Nacho’s at Nachodaddy’s. I would highly recommend this place if you want a good drink and great nachos, we both loved it, and our bartenders were great. After walking back to the Fremont and going back and forth on winning/losing at the slot machines, my wife got a bonus feature on the machine she was playing, when I noticed a guy standing behind her watching. He looked really familiar, and after seeing “Deez Nuts” on the back of his jacket, I realized he was the youtube star from the Deez Nuts video. He posed for a picture with my wife and then went on his way. We gambled for a few hours and went to bed about even on the day.
Friday – March 30 After grabbing coffee from Dunkin Donuts inside the Fremont, we decided to drive down to Primm, because my wife had never been to California. We stopped at the truck stop and decided against topping off on gas, due to the price being over $4/gallon. We walked around the shop, found some more souvenirs for the kids, and ate lunch at Qdoba. After driving around behind the outlet mall, I realized there wasn’t a sign saying welcome to California, so I hopped on I15 and continued South/West until she got to see her sign. We went a few exits and decided a trip all the way to Baker wasn’t worth the drive, so we turned around just past the giant solar farm on the right. In the stretch from about a mile outside of Primm to where we turned around, we passed probably a dozen of each Nevada State Police and California Highway Patrol, many of which were on motorcycles and all of which had at least 1 car pulled over. About the time we made it back into Vegas, my buddy’s flight from Washington DC had arrived (he’s getting ready to leave for Japan for the next 3 years) so we went and picked him up at his hotel (Hooters). My wife won some money on the “Vacation” machine in Hooters and we decided to go walk the strip, which wasn’t a bad walk at all. We ended up going through the MGM, across to the Aria/Monte Carlo area and decided all the bars were a bit too busy due to a Golden Knights game getting ready to start. We walked over to Excalibur and rode the monorail to Mandalay Bay. We spent the rest of the evening here, and I decided to bet on Notre Dame Women, which turned out to be a good bet. My buddy, being born in Connecticut bet on UConn and that pretty much set the tone for his luck the rest of his trip. My wife and I ended up getting a giant hot dog/pepsi combo for $3.99 at the Café inside the Fremont after returning, and it was a better bet than the Chinese food we had tried earlier in the week.
Saturday – March 31 Another buddy of ours had moved to Vegas about 6 weeks ago, while his wife and kids are moving out there today. He called me late Saturday morning, and had us meet him out at the RV Dealership he works for. After getting a tour of their half million dollar Motorhomes (built here in Indiana), we hopped in his convertible and rode out to Red Rock Canyon. The line to get in was about 100 cars long, and it looked like they were only letting a few in every 15 minutes, so we drove out along that area and headed back a different way to the south side of town. The company he works for sponsors the Horse Arena at the South Point Casino, so we rode over, watched some of the show, and got the behind the scenes tour of the stalls, practice arena, and got to meet the horses/cowboys. We ended up spending most of the day at South Point, and we really enjoyed it, probably our favorite one on the “strip” so to speak. We ate dinner at Baja Miguel’s and all enjoyed our food. Later on Saturday night we rode back to downtown. My buddy that now lives in Vegas, took us to Container Park, which was really cool. After that we walked back down Fremont Street and I had bet earlier on Michigan beating Loyola in Men’s basketball. Another good choice, however I had to find a casino with a sports book that could cash me out. We ended up going to “The D” and really enjoyed the atmosphere/older machines. My wife ended up playing the old school Horse Racing Quarter Machine upstairs and stayed on it for quite a while. We ended up heading back to the Fremont, where we gambled the rest of our “$200 limit” for the day, and did pretty good. After several hours of gambling, we decided we were hungry, so we walked over to the Café at Binions, and were really impressed with what we had.
Sunday – April 1 We ate the Breakfast Buffet at the Fremont (comped), took an Uber back to our rental car on the other side of town, picked our buddy up at Hooters and headed north to Zion National Park. A couple hours later we arrived and were somewhat surprised that it wasn’t completely packed. My buddy has a free pass (Military) so we saved $30 on the gate fee. We spent most of the day at Zion, climbing, hiking, and exploring, it was my 4th time there, but the first time for my wife and buddy, and while my wife isn’t a hiker like me, she really enjoyed it and mentioned that it was one of her top 3 things we did on our trip. On our way back to town we stopped at Casa Blanca in Mesquite for a few hours, we didn’t do any good, but enjoyed the change of pace from the Vegas casinos.
Monday – April 2 We walked the strip again, and ate the brunch buffet at the Bellagio. It was really good, but if I hadn’t used the buy 1 get 1 free coupon I had, I wouldn’t have been quite as impressed. We walked around the strip some more, and ended up buying tickets to X-Country for my wife and I for the 10pm show at Harrah’s. The lady at the Box Office didn’t offer any discount, but when I asked about using my players card, she gave me a $10/ticket discount on the tickets. After that we drove across town to Sams Town (Boyd Gaming) and gambled for a few hours, I remembered a Steak House from several years back that I really enjoyed here, but we ended deciding against it for our anniversary meal. After going back to our hotel to change and shower, we ended up going to Viva Zapata’s (based on Reddit reviews). We weren’t disappointed! The food was amazing, the atmosphere even better, and the wait staff was the best! Our waiter asked what brought us out there, I told him it was our 2 year anniversary and we had flown in from Indiana to celebrate. We were enjoying the live Mariachi music, but started getting a little anxious as we were waiting on our bill (we wanted to get to Harrah’s by 9:30). A few minutes later here came the wait staff/musician to our table, put giant sombrero’s on us, gave us a couple of churros and each of us a shot of Tequila (no charge) while they sang us a song. I tipped them well and we were on our way to the show. My wife is a huge country music fan, and while I enjoy some of the older stuff, I’m more of a metalhead. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of our tickets, and for the money, the show wasn’t bad. 1 of the dancers really stood out from the rest though, but all in all it was a good experience. I wanted to go see Absinthe but found out they weren’t playing on Monday night. After our show we walked down to the Bellagio Fountains to see a show before heading back to the hotel.
Tuesday – April 3 We spent most of the morning packing up from our 6 nights at the Fremont, I checked with the Casino host to see about possibly comping more than 2 of our nights, but she showed me where my score in their algorithm was only a 65, and needed to be 100 to qualify for more. I still only paid $165 for the 4 nights I had to pay for, which was more than fair in my opinion, considering how little time we actually spent in the room. We went to Hooters and gambled for about 20 minutes, winning a couple hundred dollars, then took my buddy to the airport. Our flight wasn’t until 6:30pm, so we drove back North and had to try another Reddit suggestion for our last meal in town. We ended up at Hamburger Hut as we love to eat wings, and although the location and building were a bit sketchy, we ordered hot wings, a hot dog, and chili fries, this was our favorite food of the trip. We also really enjoyed hanging with some of the locals while we ate lunch. After eating lunch we hit up Walmart by the airport to find some last minute souvenirs to take back home, and then returned our rental car and waited a few hours for our flight back home.
What I would recommend
Sight Seeing - Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Container Park (especially if you have kids)
Food - Hamburger Hut, Viva Zapata’s, In & Out Burger, Nachodaddy, Hotdogs at South Point, Breakfast Buffet at Sunset Station, also saved a bunch of money by getting snacks and drinks for our room at the grocery store on day 1.
Casinos – As a gambler, the ones off the Strip seemed to pay better, but the ones on the strip were much classier and had newer slots you can’t find elsewhere. My 3 favorite were the Fremont, The D, and South Point. My wife really enjoyed seeing the sights at the Bellagio, the Flamingo, and others on the Strip. No matter what, if you’re going to gamble, get a players card, it saved me a bunch of money.
Transportation – If you like to do more than just stay in town and walk all week, I’d highly recommend getting a rental car like we did (about $200 for the week for a nice sized car), but if you don’t plan on going on long day trips like we did, UbeLyft would be great.
Entertainment – XCountry at Harrahs wasn’t the top show I’ve ever seen, but 2 tickets for $80 something and a happy wife, I can’t complain at all. Watching all the entrepreneurs on Fremont Street as well as the stage shows for free was hard to beat, and any trip to Vegas should include the Bellagio Fountains, the Flamingo Habitat, and any other free entertainment you can find along the strip.
What I wouldn’t recommend
Airlines – don’t go with the budget airlines expecting to save a bunch of money if you plan on taking a bag with you, checked or carry on, prefer to pick your seats out in advance, or want to get a snack while flying.
Food – While we didn’t really have any “bad” experiences, the café and Buffet at the Fremont were probably my least favorite, but I can’t complain because I didn’t have to pay for anything at either of them. Also I was looking forward to checking out Heart Attack Grill (based on Ducktales review), but they were packed and took Cash Only fyi.
Sight Seeing – Fremont Street after dark really isn’t the place to take your small kids but be sure to take them to Container Park during the day, Hoover Dam (unless you go early), Red Rock Canyon scenic trail on a holiday weekend. Pawn Stars was packed and if you’ve seen it once, the excitement kind of wore off, and they apparently charge for parking now. I parked up the street for free and only had a short walk, but the people trying to push you to buy extras outside of the store really kind of rubbed me the wrong way.
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[Trip Report] One week, three Brits.

We just spent a week in Vegas split between two hits and three hotels.
This is my 6th time in Vegas, my fiancé’s 3rd time, and my friend’s 2nd time. We love the city. It is the only place like it on Earth. I love it, but this massive adult theme-park needs to be treated with respect and best approached with experience. So, I hope this report will help others.
We were here last year, and although we had an amazing time, we did make some mistakes. This year’s trip was refined to near perfection.
Flights (UK to Vegas).
We’re from the UK. We flew direct with Virgin Atlantic. As far as I know VA are the only airline that flies direct from UK to Vegas. We used 80,000 airmiles to upgrade to Premium seats. When you’re sat on your arse for 11 and a half hours, the extra comfort, space, and legroom are well worth it. It also means the actual cost for the flight was super low compared to booking Premium seats without miles (£400 compared to around £1500).
As it's a 747, I would recommend getting seats on the upper deck. As it is the top bulge of the plane, it only holds around 70 passengers. It feels exclusive, with faster service from the staff, shorter lines for the bathroom, and far less chance a child or baby will be sat near you.
Something I didn’t take into account last time was the effect of jet lag. We paid for it. With the West Coast being 8 hours behind the UK, we tried a different tactic this time around. As soon as asses touched seats on the plane, we adjusted clocks to Vegas time. We respected the need to sleep by front-loading the flight with lots of booze and soon got our heads down. With those few hours of sleep, we were much better adjusted when we landed.
Immigration into the US can be a pain, but here’s a tip; if you’ve travelled to the US before with the same ESTA, you can use the automated passport scanners and skip the massive line.
We’re foodies. We’ve traveled the world and eaten at many Michelin Star restaurants. It’s our thing. It’s our passion. We had high hopes for Vegas food last year, but we came to the quick realisation Vegas can’t do quality. It's not surprising. The sheer volume of people that pound the strip means restaurants don’t really need to try to turn a profit. As I said above, Vegas is a theme-park. It supplies the fake and gaudy like no other, but on the flip side it can’t really do genuine or authentic. Last year we had to pay truly spectacular amounts of money before we got a properly impressive meal at é by José Andrés in the Cosmo. I can’t afford to do that again. So, this year we did things differently. We embraced the brash, the massive, and the crappy and ate like the locals.
Vacations are my opportunity to live large. I look forward to them all year, and save for them with the intention to experience things way beyond my normal life. I want luxury. I want finery. I want to be treated like a rockstar, because these things just don’t exist in my day to day life. I spent a lot on this holiday, but that’s because I saved for it and budgeted hard for it. If you’re doing Vegas, then you have to do it right!
Hotel 1: The Vdara.
After the flight and immigration we got a cab to our first hotel; the Vdara. What a brilliant hotel. It doesn’t have a casino attached, so is less Vegas and less insane than many strip hotels, but I’ve been there and done that - so this was a beautiful, calm hotel for the start of our trip.
We went for a Lake View Suite. Sounds fancy, and it was, but so much cheaper than an equivalent at one of the other big hotels. The room was massive, and modern. It also had a microwave and food preparation area with fridge separate to the mini bar.
The Vdara also has a nifty room service robot that can deliver snacks and drinks to you autonomously. It is a novelty now, but it worked well and I can see it being rolled out to other hotels soon.
As for location, the Vdara is right behind the Aria and the Bellagio. There’s a sneaky walkway to the Bellagio, or a short walk across the valet to the Aria. From either of these hotels you are straight onto the strip.
Day 1.
First port of call was a walk down the strip to In-n-Out burger next to the High Roller. We don’t have In-n-Out in the UK so its a real treat.
We walked the strip until well after dark, visiting Caesars, the Bellagio for coffee, and finally back to the Vice Versa bar at the Vdara. It is a quiet lobby bar with a calm outside section. We had a few drinks there and then off to bed.
Day 2.
Breakfast at Eggslut at the Cosmo. Expensive, but very tasty. Get the cookie. I has just the right amount of gooey inside and salt crust to make the perfect pud.
Back to the Vdara for a workout at their OK gym and then relaxing at the pool. They do a bag check, but we just had water and coke so let us in. I think they were looking for booze.
After our fill of the sun (still 30o C + in October) we made our way back to the Cosmo for a late lunch at Block 16. This is their new “street food” area with an excellent selection. We went for the sushi rolls at Tekka. Really good, and bigger than expected. They also have Asahi on draft. Again, a little expensive for the type of food but nice.
Hopped in a taxi for a walk around the canals at the Venetian, then over the the Wynn for drinks at Parasol Down. We like drinking outside, and it was really relaxing sipping cocktails by the waterfall. I had a crab cheesy dip thing with breads that was surprisingly tasty.
We headed back to the Vdara to get ready for our evening at the Luxor. It started with drinks at an Irish bar I forget the name of. It actually had genuine Irish staff and live music, so the fakery was better than most. A few pints later we went to see the Blue Man Group. Hilarious and a lot of fun. Well recommended.
After BMG we wandered to the Mandalay looking for food, but their restaurants were all taken over by a massive convention. We hopped into a cab and made our way back to the Cosmo to Beauty and Essex for food. The restaurant was very cool. You enter through a secret door in a cheesy gift shop. You’re then lead to a dimly lit, intimate table by a pretty server lady. Food was only OK, but definitely not up to scratch for the price. However, the atmosphere was amazing.
Day 3.
Breakfast was a 15 inch pizza slice from Pin Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood. Horrible, greasy pizza, but the novelty was fun. We checked out and picked up our car from our Turo host, a Tesla Model X for the next leg of our trip; a week in San Diego. Amazing city. Go.
Vegas Day 4.
Hotel 2: The SLS.
It was fight night. Hotels were stupidly expensive because of McGregor vs Khabib, so we stayed for one cheap night at the SLS. When we booked it it was still the W, but the SLS since took it over. The room was a Fabulous King, but I’m not sure that name is relevant anymore. Anyway, the hotel is still in a state of flux. The W side was dead. The bar was closed and the few remaining staff seemed to just be milling around. It was odd.
The room was spacious, and had an interesting theme, but seemed a little empty given its square footage. It did have a mirror above the bed, though. Very Vegas. After the long drive from SD, we freshened up and got dinner at Bazaar Meats by José Andrés. This was my favorite meal in Vegas. José Andrés can actually be counted on for a great theme and good food. It wasn’t quite good enough for the price, but it was closer than any other restaurant we visited on this trip.
The atmosphere and decor were incredible. A massive industrial fire pit grilling many meats greets you as you enter. The entire room is bordered by the various kitchens and preparation areas, and produce is proudly on show. There were some freakishly huge vegetables and a vast array of meat slabs all around. Of all the Vegas restaurants I’ve visited, the theming here was on point.
After dinner, we stayed at the SLS for drinks around the casino watching the fight in the sports bar.
Vegas Day 5.
Hotel 3: The Cosmopolitan.
We checked out of the SLS quickly, glad to be away from its strangeness. As if to confirm our ikky intuition, we passed a crime scene investigation outside, little orange cones all over indicating spent bullet casings. Welcome to America, motherfucker!
We headed to our next and final hotel - the Cosmo. What an incredible place. By far and away my fave hotel on the Stip. In addition to the hotels this trip, I’ve stayed at the Stratosphere, Luxor, Aria, and Bellagio. This was better than them all.
Even though it was around midday when we hit the check in desk, the concierge sorted us out with a room upgrade to an immediately available room. With three of us sleeping in one room, he wanted to ensure we were comfortable, so booked us into an unlisted suite with two bathrooms, a japanese soaking tub, and a massive balcony on the 55th floor overlooking the Bellagio fountains and the strip.
That view was breathtaking, and the room was stunning. Only one minor issue - we found a diaper behind the sofa that housekeeping had missed from the last guest. We complained to the front desk and they sorted it with a $75 credit and resort fees refunded. Score!
Lunch was at Secret Pizza. A good slice. Be aware they have more slices available than is on display.
We went to Walmart to pick up booze and snacks. And a kettle. I’m English. I need my tea. Vegas hotels don’t have tea and coffee making facilities in the room, so a $15 kettle and some tea was a must. For the cost of three drinks at Starbucks, this is a good move for us Brits. The Cosmo room also had a little bar with additional fridge to the mini bar, so we packed that bitch with booze, mixers and fruit.
After Walmart we picked our friend up at the airport and got her showered and dressed ready for dinner. A few drinks at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo, then over to Jaleo by José Andrés. I’m sure you’re seeing a theme with our booked restaurant choices, but José is consistently good. Jaleo was no exception. The paella was a touch disappointing this time, but the other dishes were amazing.
We drank a bit too much sangria, so kept the party going with drinks in Beauty and Essex. It may be a restaurant, but the little bar area also has seating for drinkers to watch the patrons come and go (and the pretty front of house ladies). It proved a great spot to people watch and enjoy their amazing cocktails.
After too many drinks, we retired to the room and enjoyed the view with more drinks and snacks on the balcony. That experience was priceless. The twinkling view of the Vegas madness far below our own intimate little party felt very special. We got pretty messy loving that very special moment, and eventually found the bed. After all, our friend had been up for nearly 35 hours. Hardcore!
Day 6.
To work off the punishment to our livers the night before, we hit the Cosmo gym. It is OK, and actually has a good number of heavy dumbbells. Many hotel gyms I’ve been to stop at around 60lbs but the Cosmo went way up to 100lbs weights. There were only two benches though, so I can see it being a problem when busy.
We got brunch at Lardo in the Cosmo Block 16 street food thingy. Great food, but three sandwiches, a coke, and one fries cost nearly $75! Fucking ridiculous. Street food prices these are not.
After nursing my abused credit card, we headed to The Range 702. We’d booked the Triple Threat package where you get to pick three guns of your choice with 25 rounds each. I shot a Colt, a P90 and an M4. The girls both opted for two handguns and an AK47. The automatic rifles were quite an experience. Loud and violent.
I have shot at The Strip Gun Club before and they were very attentive and let us take our time. Our shooting at 702 felt a little rushed in comparison. They have you shoot all your guns back to back, so for the girls especially they were a little beaten up after their sessions. It would be better to alternate shooters with each gun to give the wrists a rest, but hey, it was a noisy, blasty, shooty good time anyway.
After the blasting we went back to the Cosmo to get ready for our evening. This is where we again paid for wanting to wing it and not book too many things. All dressed up, we headed to the Bellagio because we wanted some drinks at Hyde to watch the fountains as the sun went down. It was booked out by a conference party. So we went to try at Spago. Same story. Booked out by conference weenies. We tried back at the Cosmo at the Chinese Mexican called China Poblano, but again the same fucking story! Booked out by conference weenies.
We said fuck it, went to the room, threw on our shorts and sneakers, and hit the strip for a dirty night. We walked the craziness with slushy margaritas and ended up at In-n-Out again. We had a burger and then went on a drunk hunt for pudding.
Ok. Let me make one thing clear. If you cover a cupcake or doughnut or cookie in enough frosting to choke a donkey, then it will just taste like frosting. And it seems like that’s all you can get at the quick and easy places on the Strip. Our failed pud-hunt brought us to Caesars. I remembered the Gordon Ramsey restaurant did a sticky toffee pudding. Somehow we got seating for three, even though we looked like we’d just been kicked out of a pool party.
I say somehow, but when we entered we could see why.
Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill is the perfect metaphor for Vegas. I’ve eaten at two of Gordon's Michelin starred restaurants in London and one that didn’t have a star. They are all exquisite. Decor, food, service and the general experience all live up to his reputation for perfection. London is possibly the best place on earth for fine food. Gordon has to be on top of his game to make it there. And he does. Vegas he does not. Vegas is about churning out vaguely thematically relevant crap to the clueless for huge profit. Gordon’s Pub and Grill is hilarious. The theme is old English pub in the middle of a Roman themed casino. With TVs. Lots of TVs. It’s as if someone described a pub down the phone to the designer it’s that bad.
We had the corned beef poutine (not an English pub dish) and and the sticky toffee pudding (better). The poutine was terrible. Just fries with pastrami meat (not corned beef) and bad cheese. There was hardly any gravy. The pud was good though, but maybe that was because of a few sunk pints. It hit the spot and the size of it caused comment from the table beside us (who were eating burgers - sigh).
Anyway, after done there, back to the room for more balcony drinks and that view.
Day 7.
A quiet one today. Using the room credit we got a daybed at the Cosmo pool. The cabana bed thing is a $200 minimum spend. The $200 lasted us all day. We managed to eat well, with breakfast, other nibbles, and a few drinks reaching $200.
The pool is gorgeous and the attendants were very attentive (hence the name, I suppose).
By the time we’d spent our credit, it was nearly dinner o’clock.
Dressed up pretty, we headed to New York New York and got Shake Shack burgers. Tasty. Not quite In-n-Out good, but still better than anything in the UK. We played some giant jenga with some random people at one of the outside bars, then went to the Zumanity show.
Zumanity was great fun. Very naughty, funny, and the acrobatics were impressive. Well recommended. The boobies on show and the sexy theme got us ready for our next stop - the Palomino Strip Club.
My fiance and I had been to the Palomino the year before and we loved it. It is the only club in Vegas that does full nude and booze so it is a no-brainer to be number 1. Our friend had never been to strip club before, so that night was a special treat. We got a bottle service table at the runway with champagne and a stack of ones. It was spectacular pervy fun drinking, watching the girls, and chatting with them as they visited our table. We all got a few sofa dances and had a brilliant night. The girls were super attentive, really looked after my friend as it was her first time, and made us feel very special.
We got a drunk burger at In-n-Out (our last - I promise) and somehow made it back to the room alive
Day 8.
Our last full day. After the craziness of the night before, we slept in.
Brunch was at Mon Ami Gabi. Much like Gordon’s Pub, this place was a hilarious parody of a Parisian café. It was nice to sit outside and watch the Strip go by as I munched my lunch, but the food was pretty bad for the price.
After brunch we walked up the Strip past the Mirage and then over to the Venetian. The girls did some hard-core shopping while I made stupid comments, made their lives difficult, and generally didn’t help. I don’t like shopping, OK. Because I’m a child, they soon gave up. Back to the room for our last bookings of the trip. Yay.
After getting pretty, we hit the Skybar at the Waldorf Astoria (previously the Mandarin Oriental). Gorgeous views and really tasty cocktails.
We hit up Lemongrass for dinner without a booking because the Aria was next to the Waldorf. We ordered way too much food, so got most of it boxed up. We dumped it at the room, and then grabbed a cab to the Wynn for our last big destination.
We were on the guest list to see Afrojack at Intrigue. Great club. The line wasn’t too bad. About 30 minutes as they checked on everyone. My friend had a bit of an issue with her ID as it is an English driver's license, but she found a picture of her passport on her phone to confirm it was her. The girls both got two free drink vouchers and I got one (am I not pretty enough?).
The club was just my thing. It was not massive, but still big. The large outside area around the fire fountains and the waterfall was perfect to escape the heat and craziness of the dance-floor. We stayed for far too long given we had a 9 hour flight to catch the next day, but it was worth it. An amazing last night in an amazing city. Of course when we got back in we ate the rest of the Chinese food on the balcony.
Day 9.
One last (expensive-ass) Eggslut, and we were on our way home.
Thank you Vegas.
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SHOT 2017/My tales of adventure in Las Vegas

So, you wanna go to SHOT show? You think it's all fun and games? Get to play with guns? See Jesse James and R. Lee Ermey? SHOT show is the annual pilgrimage of the unwashed masses to Las Vegas to rub elbows with youtube celebrities, bloggers and overseas businessmen copying US made equipment and share infectious disease.
If you love guns, gambling and gonorrhea - SHOT show is for you! It is not my typical idea of a good time. I am not a big fan of Las Vegas.
However: I do attend for a few reasons. First, I do enjoy travel and I'm platinum on AA so I can usually score an upgrade. Second, industry people are in there that I do hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars with business with so it's nice to put a face with the name and see what deals are out there. SHOT for me has been a bust for the past few years. Being a value guy, I want to buy at $1000 and sell at $3000 and as of recently the gun business is more like buy for $1 and sell for $1.10 if you get what I mean.
We used to do business at SHOT and now it's just checking in on foursquare, instagram and rubbing elbows with bloggers and the like. I want to make money, not spend money so this is very annoying to me.
Anyways, onto the play by play.
Monday, January 16th. One day before SHOT show.
Every time I've been rejected by a woman, I move $1 from checking into savings and I take the bankroll down to the Wynn for some play. Lets do this.
The TSA line is a shitshow thanks to, well TSA.
I slog my way to the lounge, as shitty as it is to wait for my winged chariot to DFW. I have gone from being in an abusive relationship with Delta to being in an abusive relationship with AA. Although if you really want to experience the battered spouse feeling, UA is a few gates over. This trip's light reading is trying to finish "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. Such a good book as well as "Outliers" if you want a good read.
I walk up to the podium to find out that my upgrades do not clear, even as an AA Plat thanks to the addition of a FOURTH elite tier. Goddamn fucking W. Doug Parker. Asshole. I gate check my bags to make life easier for me and the rest of the folks. The gate agent calls concierge key and executive platinum passengers. I look down and realize I'm wearing a suit and board with the executive platinum folks because I do not care and I look the part. If you walk with a purpose and are dressed reasonably well, you fit the profile. I settle into my window seat and try to finish outliers. I pass out before takeoff and I'm awoken by the dulcet tones of the flight attendants preparing for landing. We land at Dallas a few minutes early and I hightail it to the Centurion for a quick bite to eat. I grab a plate and help myself to some of the excellent brisket, pecan encrusted chicken and some roasted jumbo asparagus. Yes, my pee is going to smell funny. No, I do not care. The lounge is packed. The bar is full and I grab a quick single malt as I have my meal since American's not going to feed me. They begin boarding to Mccarran as I walk out of the lounge. No time for a stop in the spa on this trip. I make it to the gate just as the call group 2 boarding.
I bypass the main line and walk up through the priority line giving no heed to the people that have been waiting there before me as I hold up my paper boarding pass with PLATINUM to the gate agent. I board and take my usual seat - the exit row without the seat in front of it. I'm aghast to see this sight.
The savages. Literally. The savages.
I put my loathing away for a moment and look down at the exit row. I have the window. The aisle is a large middle aged man and in the middle is what I believe to be a formecurrent linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys wearing a 52 regular sports jacket. He's not a fat guy in a little coat, he's a big fucking hulk of a man stuffed in an exit row seat that is already an inch narrower due to the tray table. I grimace as I take my seat and give him the manly nod. He does not look happy about the fact that his knees are in the seat in front and I'm stretched out like a Cheshire cat in front of a fireplace on a cold January afternoon.
The boarding door closes for an on time departure and Stephanie the FA takes her seat. He leans over and asks if he can take the empty row across the aisle and she takes one look at the three of us and gives him the nod. I bail out to give him a path of egress and suddenly the trip to Las Vegas has just become way more comfortable. I finish The Tipping Point somewhere over west texas, so I pop a xanax and dr pepper and zone out for the rest of the ride. I awake to feel one of the FA's jostling me awake telling me to put my seat up. I do so and we have a ride so smooth that not even the Delta guy behind me can complain about light chop. We catch the TYSSN4 arrival and the next thing I know it the Messier Dowty landing gear of the A321 touch the paint at Mccarran for a smooth rollout down 25L.
My phone battery is approaching grim death since this seat has no power plugs and I find bartman383 has sent me a message. He has been enjoying LV with his wife and their due to bad weather they are in the city of sin for a few extra nights. He invites me to dinner. I'm still pretty full from DFW and I tell him I'll be over there once I get my bags and the car and I'll see him when I see him. He gives me the info for the hotel as we pull up to the gate.
First stop: Centurion lounge. AA's app tells me bags being unloaded. I grab a quick bite of fried chicken and brussels sprouts since they are good for you and a chocolate pudding. The brisket and pecan encrusted chicken from DFW still has me full but I'm well aware of the speed of a union baggage handlers nowadays and who doesn't like chocolate pudding? Terrorists. That's who. Want to know how to screen for terrorists TSA? Set up a table of free chocolate pudding at the airport. The people who don't take any are members of ISIS. It's just that simple.
I grab my bag and hoof it to Hertz. I'm an idiot and I am an hour late for my pickup. Oops. Will an Audi A3 suffice? I sigh and I accept my Teutonic quattro chariot. I do a burnout in the parking garage and hightail it to the exit. I flash my #1 card and my ID and the gatekeeper gives me the go ahead. I get onto the the strip and traffic is awful. I'm going to be late for dinner. I make a left onto Russell Road and hightail it up the 15. I manage to get the car up to 100 as I pass the Luxor. My phone is dead so I can't message Bart about being late. Fuck. The exit approaches quickly as I put the 4 wheel disk brakes to work and sling the car around and head south on Las Vegas Bl. I accidentally turn into the Bellagio and I'm now running even more late. Fuck. Eventually, I get the car into the garage at the Cosmopolitan and head upstairs. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but I head up to the third floor where all the restaurants are and I see this sign that's reminiscent of my days in retail.
I laugh. I walk in. It's literally a pawnshop. I look around puzzled.
FC: Is this a restaurant?
Bald Headed Guy: Yes, through that door.
He points towards a door. I walk in to find a bustling restaurant, lounge via the entrance of pawnshop. This is insane. I pass a mirror and check myself out. I adjust my tie, after all it is YSL and the ladies LOVE YSL. Remember that. I find the hostess and inform her I will be joining some friends for dinner. They probably do not have me on the reservation though but I turn on the charm and she smiles and says no problem at all. She asks if my tie is from Hermes. I say no, I'm a YSL guy. She looks impressed as I tell her I'll make a quick lap of the room to see if they're there and surprise them. She gives me a nod and tells me to go right ahead. Still got it.
I spot bart and his wife who I can only remember vaguely from gunnitlive after party video and I pull up a chair. Bart is surprised to see I made it and they are in the middle of dinner. They offer to ply me with food and beverage but I decline as I'm driving so no booze for me and no food since I am stuffed from Dallas. We chat about life and liberty over libations. Bart's wife thinks I am hysterical. She's had a few drinks and they are already into their main courses. The brussels sprouts are way too salty and we have to send it back. No bueno.
Bart invites me up to his suite on the top floor of the hotel where we are to meet Brogelicious later in the evening. I say, when in rome......we head to the top floor of the hotel tower where Bart shows me his view from the balcony and cracks open the mini bar for some more libations. He asks if I want a drink and I say I better not. I'm driving.
Not 30 seconds after arriving, brogel shows up. Bart's wife hugs brogel. She's infatuated with him. We start shooting the shit and bart opens up the minibar and tells us to take anything we want, it's on the hotel. I laugh and I look outside as bart opens his yeti 110 for some silver bullets. Apparently he is so baller the hotel will send up a yeti 110 filled with beer to make him happy. His wife is apparently such a baller. I ball on a budget. They just ball. Hahaha.
We shoot the shit some more about guns, gun stuff and people on the reddit for a while. I get a little thirsty and I crack open bart's cooler. I ask him how long the stuff in the cooler is supposed to last and he says until Wednesday.
I look down and I am agape at what I see.
We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... Also, a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.
I mentally prepared my butthole and I decided to help myself to a coors light against my wishes but Bart, Bart's wife and Brogel are all drinking so I let peer pressure take hold as I cracked open a beer with them. We head out to the balcony to smoke some cuban cigars together as bart's wife takes a photo of all of us. We all look like hell. Haha.
As bart downs his second beer, he asks me a question.
Bart: ever go hunting?
Me: Ducks a little bit but not much
Bart: ever want to hunt some deadly game?
Me: Like on african safari?
Bart: No, I mean
Me: Hahahahhahaaha you're just fucking with me. Hahahahahhaa. That's really funny.
Bart: No really, the concierge here at this hotel will set it up for us. It's amazing. I remember my first hunt......
Brogel starts laughing and I realize they've been doing a bit. I've been had.
We bullshit about SHOT and Barrett's shotguns and other things and next thing I know, it's late but bart hands me a mixed drink. I sip it a bit and I was in the middle of a tirade complaining about my customers. Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around us, and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the city, and a voice was screaming: Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals? Nobody seems to understand what I'm talking about. It's cold on the balcony. Our cigars are done. We head indoors. No point in mentioning these bats, I thought. Poor bastards will see them soon enough.
Back indoors I realize Brussels sprouts and coors light is a bad choice. Seriously no bueno. I excuse myself to the bathroom and drain the vein. The asparagus funny smelling pee and the side effects of beer and brussels sprouts is a noxious combination that a defense contractor should weaponize it. It's pretty bad and not even cuban tobbaco can mask the smell.
I sit back down and continue to talk about guns and stuff with bart and the gang and bart asks who ruined the bathroom. I apologize as he sprays a bunch of febreze around and opens the balcony. I apolgize to brogel. He is not accepting my apology. (sorry :( )
Nearly 11, it's about time to pull chocks and mosey on down the dusty trail. I don't want to prompt an evacuation of the hotel due to noxious odors so I decide to leave and bart seems to be kinda mad that I've ripped ass and polluted the sanctuary of his hotel. Half a coors light and brussels sprouts are no bueno in my book now. Bart decides to party hard with his wife and I offer brogel a ride home. He seems skeptical to share a confined space with me after I have just destroyed bart's hotel room. The car has 4 windows and the Uber will cost him a few bucks he can put towards ammo. He relents as we head down to the garage to find my car. Thankfully we find it quickly and I manage to contain the weapons of ass destruction for the 16 minute ride off strip to casa de brogel.
He says I'm not that bad a dude and I agree as I hightail it to my hotel. I cannot find my hotel reservations so I call my travel agent to see.
Apparently the Wynn was not in my travel budget this year. I have come to find out I have been booked at Circus Circus, much to my chagrin. How bad could it be? I've stayed at the Wynn. I've stayed at Encore. I've stayed at the hotel that Elisabeth Shue's character got raped in in Leaving Las Vegas - but Circus Circus? Did I mention that I HATE CLOWNS? I HATE CLOWNS. Fuck.
I pull into the parking garage and the check in line resembles something straight out of the TSA line at Mccarran. 45 minutes to check in. The clerk is friendly and says he's also from Louisiana which is neat. He asks if I've stayed there before and I, being a connoisseur of old vegas history I decide to make a joke and I tell him the last time I was there, Jay Sarno owned the place. He got a laugh. I head up to my room and unpack. The lobby is clean as an old vegas casino can be, the room is clean and there's no way to plug anything in since the hotel predates personal electronic devices. I plug my phone into my external battery and collapse on the bed. I message Bart and chugbleach instead of falling asleep about show tomorrow and I offer to pick bart up early since there is no shuttle from the cosmo.
Tuesday, November 16th SHOT Show Day One
I awoke several hours later in a daze......the clock said 10AM. The show opened at 8:30. Fuck me to tears. I hurry up and get dressed and down to the sands convention center. The parking lot is FULL. The entire complex is a mess. When my man Steve Wynn built his joint he didn't build enough parking. So people would park at the Venetian and now FUCKING NOBODY CAN GET A PARKING SPACE. Holy shit. I eventually say fuck it and park over at the Wynn and walk over to the Sands. I meet up with a few of my regular suppliers and I see nothing interesting at all. Bart went to bed at 6AM after spending all night partying with his wife over at the palazzo. I joke and say that he just should have stayed there. Bart is amazed at the size of the show and we have lunch at the most disgusting place in las vegas - the convention center bistro snack bar. Bart is a wise man as he grabs a powerade and a fruit cup. I decide to try an "italian beef" and a fruit cup instead of fries to stay semi health conscious. The "italian beef" is the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. It is flat out depressing. They give me fries with it and I demand a fruit cup. The sassy black woman working the stand asks me "DID YOU ASK FOR FRUIT? CAUSE RIGHT HERE SAYS FRIES" and I channel my inner Louis CK from the "this is how I talk" bit from SNL as I shoot back "WHY YOU FRONTIN ON ME I ASKED FOR FRUIT AND YOUR ASS BETTER BACK UP AND GET ME SOME FRUIT" so she goes back and gets me some fruit.
The "italian beef", my fruit cup, bart's fruit cup and powerade comes to $81. My platinum amex comes out and I treat bart to "lunch". We bullshit about guns and stuff in the Springfield booth as we wait at the world's worst concession stand. We eat and Bart is so hungover that he thinks he is in need of physical therapy and a wheelchair. There is no way he is going to party tonight before his trip home. Or so I think. Haha.
I meander around the show a bit more and I find this, the most USELESS PRODUCT OF 2017. It's made by a company called radetec.
It's a shot counter. For your gun.
A digital odometer, for your gun.
The only person that would buy this is the guy like my dad that kept a spiral bound notebook in his car where he documented how many miles he traveled per tank, gallons dispensed, PRICE, service station and whether they had a different price for cash/charge, oil consumption, tire rotations, alignments, all services - scheduled or otherwise, and a running odometer. Does anyone know the gun owner who asks for a round count when they are looking at a used gun? The question I always shoot back is "do you want to be lied at a little or do you want to be lied at a lot?" because that's what you're asking for when you ask for round count.
I roll my eyes so far back into my head that I nearly lose my balance. This is idiotic. I cannot fathom anyone willing to buy this. What a waste of perfectly good exhibition space.
Bart heads back to his hotel after visiting SHOT show for a few hours, not getting any swag and to get an IV of fluids since he looked like he was rapidly approaching grim death.
I wrap up visiting prime vendors and checking out the new products, or lack thereof because I have something on the schedule. At 4:30 there's a suicide prevention for retailers seminar hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As many of you know this is an issue that is important to me and perhaps we as retailers should be doing more. The keynote was from their chief medical director talking about the accessibility of firearms and the mindset of the "typical" suicide. Mostly men. If you are a veteran you are at a significantly larger risk. The information was presented very not surprisingly and one of the things discussed was that we only spend around 21M a year on suicide prevention.
A few take away facts from the keynote:
When suicide barriers are put up on a bridge, suicide rates for the entire area drop. The key to preventing suicide is getting people to talk about their problems. Once you can get someone out of that mindset, they are statistically less likely to do it and live productive lives afterwards. There are certain terms that they are trying to get away from - for instance, they are not saying "committed suicide" they are now saying "died by suicide" in order to bring awareness and tell it like it is.
One thing that really was interesting to me was my reading on the flight in from Dallas. In The Tipping Point, Gladwell discusses how things stay the same and suddenly they all change. One of the things that he discusses is in micronesia - where teen suicide was practically unheard of became an outright epidemic. One teenager did it, for reasons passing understanding to me as an outsider and then all the other kids realized that they too could escape their pain by hanging themselves as well and suddenly the suicide rates in micronesia became so high to where it became a public health issue. I wish I could show you all the article I wrote on TTAG about my friend's death but it has been lost in the cloud and I am unable to find the last draft I sent to print, but it echoes some of the problems we have with suicide and mental health in the firearm industry.
After the keynote, the good doctor opened the floor up for questions. Her keynote posed a lot of statistics but not a lot of answers. I am a detail oriented granular data guy and I did not get a solid grasp of the AFSP solutions posed, if any.
Several firearm dealers discussed the lack of a cohesive solution and the takeaway was they're trying to develop awareness for the suicide problem. Their goal is to lower suicide rates but how they get there is yet to be determined. I didn't like hearing that and the comments from the crowd reflected the lack of a "here's what you can do TODAY to help this problem" part of the initiative.
Going around the room, one dealer who used NICS said that if a customer was just flat out acting funny - he'd lie to the customer and say there was a delay with NICS even though there was an approval just to get them to not be able to have a gun for a few days. The crowd applauded this initiative, however I'm not sure lying to customers is the best way to run a business and treat them with respect. Another dealer brought up an interesting point. When someone comes in looking to buy a gun and they don't know what kind of gun they want, what caliber, and are generally clueless - they're either buying a gun to kill themselves with, OR perhaps they are a very uneducated prospective customer - and there is no clear way of finding out which is which.
The problems presented by the AFSP are real. The solutions aren't there though. Yet. Ideally I'd like to see some change to that. However, there's some problems.
I hung around and asked the good doctor and her staff some questions and I am in no way denigrating her life's work and her dedication to preventing suicide since she has dedicated her life's work to the issue, but the conversation went something like this.
Did you do any research on the accessibility of firearms from a retailer from the legal standpoint?
"No, we haven't"
Do you know how the NICS or state POC background systems work in regard to mental health holds, etc?
One of the problems that I foresee right off the bat is that you talked about how you are fighting time, and if you can get someone out of that suicide mindset - even for a few hours, you can get them into that higher survival bracket. If we apply a one size fits all solution to it like California and put a 10 day wait on everything with the goal of protecting someone from their own life, how do we balance that with the needs of the woman who has been hiding from her abusive spouse and needs a gun right away?
"That's a good question that I don't have an answer for."
Their initiative, I admire - the lack of solutions is a little off putting however. I tell the doc about how my friend's suicide has impacted me and she seems to be sympathetic to the situation as does her colleagues. I am given her cards and told to call the next time I'm in New York so we can get together and discuss things within the industry. I'll give them a buzz in a few weeks when I'm up there on business. On my way out of the hall, I run into Massad Ayoob. Nice guy. I've admired his work over the years. Bart invites myself and chugbleach to dinner, I can't reach Chug and even though I am beat I decide to hang out with Bart and Mrs Bart
Bart: What do you want to eat?
FC: Let's find a nice seafood restaurant and eat some red salmon, I feel a powerful lust for red salmon.
I begin vomiting.
God damn mescaline. Why the fuck can't they make it a little less pure?
We eventually head downstairs and order too much food. We are tired and not very hungry. Bart is still hungover and barely able to process food. His wife is grazing on all sorts of meat products. I am in awe of how they are both still upright after six nonstop nights of partying. I've only been here one day and I feel like I am about to die.
Dinner concludes with an awkward hug with bart's wife - I don't know how other men feel about wife hugs so I have just avoided the prospect entirely. Like flying through Denver on Frontier. Or flying on Frontier. Ever.
I drive over to the Wynn to set up my markers and the poker room is full. I draw a $2500 marker at the craps table and watch the game a bit. I have never played craps before in my life but the three people there seem to be having fun.
I look down at my phone and I realize a plane has landed. fluffy_butternut has landed in Las Vegas on business. I had lost a bet and offered to pick him up from the airport. I cash back in my chips against my casino credit and head back to my car. I cannot find my car. Fuck. I wander the wynn garage which is covered in construction debris. I eventually find it and haul ass to the airport. Now, I didn't know this but fluffy has the WORST SENSE OF DIRECTION AT ALL. Seriously. I have no idea how he even made it to the correct city. He lands and has to get his bag and stuff and I circle the airport. He lets me know he's at door 77 wherever the fuck that was. I drive into the pickup portion and I see no sign. He then says he's coming up a level, and I tell him that I'll be there shortly. I park the car and Metro PD starts yelling.
Metro: You can't park your car here.
FC: Why not? Is this not a reasonable place to park?
Metro: Reasonable? You're on a sidewalk! This is the sidewalk!
I give the man a $20 and tell him to keep it running as I wander Mccarran screaming FLUFFY! HERE FLUFFY! I message fluffy to let him know I am the car parked on the sidewalk. I instantly figure out who he is having never seen a photo of him and I throw his bags into the car as we head for his hotel. I haul ass out of the airport and get the A3 on the highway.
Now this was a superior machine. Thirty nine grand worth of gimmicks and high-priced special effects. The rear windows lit up with a touch like frogs in a dynamite pond. The dashboard was full of esoteric lights and dials and meters that I would never understand.
We check in at the Rio where the desk clerk is friendly and flirty. I express amazement there is no line. Fluffy checks in and we take his bags upstairs and he offers to buy me food for driving him to the airport. I decline. We head to the bar anyways. He orders two beers and we decide to call chug. He's staying out in Summerlin or something because his company is apparently run by cheapskates. He asks if we want to hang out and shoot the shit. I say sure and ask if he wants us to pick up food or anything from CVS or something since I have the car and I'm able to do anything I want. He asks for some toothpaste. No problem. I may be an asshole on the internet but I have a heart of gold. We get some toothpaste get to the hotel.
Arriving at the lobby, we have no idea where he is. It turns out he gave us the address for the hotel across the street. We laugh and go to that lobby and shoot the shit till 3AM much to the chagrin of the hotel clerk. Fluffy has some beers and we plan on dinner the next day. I drive fluffy back and arrive at the hotel at 4. Fuck me to tears.
Wednesday, January 18th. Day 2 of SHOT show.
Alarm goes off at 7:30 AM. I wash up, eat and get breakfast. In the garage by 8:15. Nice. I get some dillo dust and check out the new Sig 220 DA/SA and SAO legions. Daddy likey. I go to a competing firm and I piss of my state sales manager by telling him his newer designed triggers suck ass. He says the company tested them and they're the same in every way. I ask him why the triggers have two different part numbers in the catalog and how come they're not interchangeable and if that's really the case, how come there's X changes in the supposedly identical pistol parts that he's holding side by side. He gets mad at me and says I'm not an expert on their product and perhaps I should take his job since I'm so smart. I agree that I'm smart and I hold firm that if he didn't want me to complain about the shitty trigger, they should stop selling guns with shitty triggers. I am nearly kicked out of the booth.
I meet up with some of my wholesale reps and I'm mid convo when I see Itsgoodsoup and his friend walking around the show. I yell SOUP but he does not hear me. So I grab his friend and find him and I tell him we should get together at dinner with fluffy and chug. He agrees.
The show winds down, I get some business done and nothing much else. We break for a shitty gunnit live lite and I take a few questions from the crowd in fluffy's suite at the Rio. Dinner is at 8 and we arrive at the restaurant late to find soup and his friend sitting at one table and chug and his girlfriend sitting at another. Perhaps we should have gotten here a little earlier. Hahaha. So, fluffy said the place is really good and I order a few of the specialties of the house. Apparently according to yelp they do a kickass peking duck. Soon to be mrs chug is a vegan. But we can eat meat in front of her. I wonder how it's served and Soup's vancouver raised asian friend tells me that they normally carve it tableside. Our vegan says as long as there's no head she's cool. We're not sure if they can fulfill that request. So we order and food starts coming out and we tell tall tales of shot show BS and other stuff. Sure enough, the duck comes out with the head. No bueno. Haha. But I decide to treat us to vegan donuts at the vegan bakery across the street later. Seven courses later we are full. Vegan bakery closed. I am committed to getting her some vegan donuts though. We head to Fremont street to gamble. Fluffy wanders about and we try craps and we're not impressed. We hit some slots and eventually I hit the craps table where chug explains the game to me. We start betting on dice. And somehow we start winning. I find that the house allows you to take 10X behind the line. No idea what this means so I plop $5 on the pass line and the point hits 6. I drop $50 behind it and it hits. We go a few rounds and leave ahead. It's 2:30 AM. Fuck. I drive everyone back to their hotel. I get to sleep around 4.
Thursday, January 19th. Day 3 of SHOT show.
Wake up at 10AM feeling like crap. Debate whether to head straight to show and wander about. Fuck it. Went to halal guys for some halal. Delicious. Got vegan donuts. Dead drop them at the Palazzo lobby for chug and his girl. Show is a bust. Literally nothing exciting. Fluffy offers to buy me dinner. One of my customers who lives in Summerlin offers to take me to dinner. I pass on fluffy and he destroys the seafood buffet at the rio. I head to Sinatra at the Wynn for dinner with my customer. All good in the hood. Chug has been invited to the Glock dinneafter party and I'm not so we all go our separate ways. I call foghorn5950 and due to some weather, he's flying home early and our plans to hangout are fucked up unless I go tonight. I grab fluffy and we head to Whiskey Down. He orders a makers and I give him a funny look. I tell the waitress make it a bulleit. Everyone laughs. I talk shop with Jeremy also from TTAG and we shoot the shit over cigars and talk about useless products. Next thing we know, chug is out of the dinner and wandering the strip. We decide to meet up at the Linq. It takes us nearly 30 minutes to get out of Whiskey Down at MGM because the waitress was awful and messed up everyone's tab. It was a fucking disaster. To boot, MGM is now charging for parking.
FC: What a bunch of fucking jews
Fluff: You should just tailgate that lady in front of you out and screw them out of the $7
FC: I should
We pull behind her and watch as she gets flustered at the awful parking machine. Her nevada license plate says VETERAN. As the gate goes up we haul ass and screw MGM out of $7. I shout "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE" out the window as we blow right by her up to the Linq. Through fluffy's awful navigation, we wind up at the loading dock for the Linq. Eventually we find chug and gf hanging at the penny slots. They are holding vegan donuts, which she is very appreciative of. Least I could do after showing her the head. Fluffy plays the House of Cards slot machine.
He stuck $100 in, played for 6 minutes and then got really mad and hit the cash out button and $80 was left after 5 minutes.
Chug's gf asks to play a special slot machine called kitty glitter. We ask and the linq does not offer it but Harrahs next door does. So we head over there and the slot tech finds the kitty glitter machine. Fluffy sticks a C note in there and tells her to play and have a blast. So she's banging away at the one armed bandit WHEN SUDDENLY I HEAR THE SOUND.
It's PUTTIN ON THE RITZ in shitty .wav file internal speaker format. Hahah. She's just hit the progressive jackpot on the penny KITTY GLITTER machine. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! We cash out after some play and a good time was had by all. I dump off fluffy at the rio since it was very close and drive everyone else back. It's late, I'm tired and the Palace Station oyster bar is open 24 hours......I head over there and there's a 45 minute wait.
So, I pull out my backup bankroll and using everything chug and fluffy have taught me about craps I belly up to the $3 min table where they let you take 10x behind the line. I'm still learning and the table is slow so one of the boxmen start explaining the game to me.
Box: So if you place the 6 or the 9 or individual numbers you can bet those but you gotta pay a little juice on it like a commission
Me: Like when you buy the hook?
short pause
Box: Yeah! Exactly like that! You got this!
So I played a little and went up a bit and down a bit. As you do. Plunked $5 down on the pass line and took full odds and the point hit. This game is pretty cool! So I hung around and watched for about an hour and finally decided to eat my winnings. I take $5 off my stack and, drop it on the pass line and announce dealer bet - $5 to pass. It hits. The dealers love me.
Maybe Vegas isn't so bad after all.
I have the pan roast at the oyster bar. No line. It is DELICIOUS. I get back to the hotel at 5AM. I don't care when I wake up.
Friday, January 20th. Day 4 of SHOT show.
Wake up around noon feeling like crap. Go to show. Debate destroying milk cart with wheels with an ax borrowed from fire station. Decide against it. Gas up car and find myself out by palace station again. Played some craps, hit the buffet and went for an early sleep.
It's midnight. The neighbors in my the hotel are having sex. A LOT OF SEX. I can hear everything. I gently knock on the door. No answer. I knock slightly harder. No answer. I head back to my room and close the door just as I hear their door open. I zoom back out to find a puzzled middle aged stocky and perhaps sticky Latino man looking both ways.
I get in his line of sight.
Me: Hey. I'm next door. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I get it. I really do. In fact I haven't had sex since the bush administration so I'm gunning for you man I really am. But it's midnight and I have a 6am flight and a rental car to return. So trust me when I say I'm really happy for you but if you don't mind I really need to get some sleep tonight okay?
The awkward silence is deafening. He nods without saying a word and mouths okay. I give him a manly nod and thumbs up.
Me: thanks. I'd shake your hand or fist bump but well you know.....
I give him a peace sign as he goes back into his little pleasure palace and I turn to realize that I have just locked myself out of my room. I am wearing boxers, a tshirt and barefoot. I head downstairs to the lobby. The check in at the front desk resembles the TSA line at Mccarran. Normally I would not be this rude but desperate times call for desperate measures.
The line is 50 people deep. I walk past every person. Fuck your queue. I approach the desk where someone is helping a guest and I raise my right hand as if I were in a deposition to get them to stop. The staff and guest looks puzzled as the angry barefoot man clad in nothing but boxers and a "uzi does it" tshirt approaches the desk.
Me: excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt. I have an emergency. I'm up on 8 and my neighbors are having a lot of sex. I mean a LOT of sex.
(This is the same front desk clerk who actually checked me in Monday night by coincidence looks back at me very awkwardly and puzzled.)
Me: this isn't your regular sex. I'm talking this is your (I begin air humping the front desk and slapping the granite counter with my palm and grunting loudly) sex. You could hear the plan B packaging open.
At this point - the ENTIRE FRONT DESK STAFF HAS STOPPED CHECKING IN GUESTS. The people in line and are watching the show. The clerk is stunned. Speechless. Shock and awed. Crapped out and busted. The women are covering their children's eyes and ears. The men are wondering if this show requires a 2 drink minimum.
Me: now I get this is Vegas. Everyone wants a good time. It's midnight. My flight leaves at 6 which means I have to be up by 4. And this just isn't working. So I asked them to keep it down and I locked myself out of my room. So if you can make me another key or move me I'd appreciate it.
The clerk nods.
Clerk: of course. may I see your ID?
Years of ballet have prepared me for this day. I step back to make sure my genitals are still ensconced in my boxers as I pirouette and gesticulate wildly.
The floor manager steps over and asks me to head down to the end of the desk where she will make me a key. I give her the room number and thank her after she offers to have security sent up to shutdown the best little whorehouse in Vegas. I tell her it may not be necessary. As I take my keys and walk away the people in line break out in raucous applause.
I take a bow and miraculously my boxer shorts don't rip. These people are my subjects and I have been crowned the the king of the three ring circus that is the circus circus lobby. Im offered a $1 tip from a kind soul but I decline.
My walk back to the hotel elevator bank is uneventful. So much so that I realize it is going too well. The other shoe, if I were wearing one felt as if it was about to drop. Suddenly a dumbass in a rascal scooter is heading toward me at flank speed as his head is turned to look at everyone BEHIND HIM. There's no way this will end well.
For you gentle readers joining us mid conversation - it's midnight and I need to be at the airport in 4.5 hours. I can just see it now. (Cue the harp noises)
Scene: Emergency room
Nurse: Allergic to anything? Me: NKDA Nurse: cause of injury? Me: what's the IC10 code for "run down by drunken buffoon on motorized wheelchair?"
I saw my life and confirmed upgraded first class seats home being given away by the Mccarran gate agent flash before my eyes and my catlike reflexes kicked in and I jumped to my left into the wall, mid 1960's Las Vegas union construction being the path of least resistance. Think "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner.
The buffoon barely realizes what happens. Children are amazed. "HEY MOM! Look! That guy just ran into a wall!"
I look down and a midwestern nuclear family with two children of formative age are waiting for the elevator. I change my last word.
I look over to the parents.
Me: I'm really sorry. This is a family joint and I shouldn't have cursed the drunken scooter driver like that. Sorry kids.
Parent: no big deal. They've heard fucking worse.
I crack a smile at her word choice. Fucking worse. Yeah. That sounds like my evening.
After jumping into a wall, I'm now wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. I make the plane and push on time. The 737 comes to a stop short of the runway and holds. Something is wrong. The pilots come on and say that they loaded more cargo and passengers than planned so they have to redo their numbers. We're waiting on the taxiway with both engines running as they do this and the waiting music comes on. What's the first song?
Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"
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My Baller Visit to Vegas - Including Trick to getting Cosmo Room Cheaper

First off we stayed at the Cosmopolitan. I got a cheaper room because of the following: We were Staying From Tues-Sunday so a long stay... I called the hotel and tried for weeks looking online for the Best Deal... I wanted a Fountain view, but for the dates were staying they wanted $2400 bucks!!!
I found a trick online using the Marriott Best Price Guarantee to get an extra 25% off... I found the cheapest rate actually through our " Entertainment Book " then Booked a regular balcony room with the Marriott and said we found a better price the next day earning us not only the price match but an extra 25% off.... I booked the Regular Balcony to take a gamble on the Tip Trick to get upgraded even cheaper...
Then I had a question on if the Tip Trick worked for upgrades since we booked 3rd party, but read that people tried the $20 dollar trick at the Cosmo and failing..Some suspected that since its a nicer hotel $20 may have been too cheap.... so I decided to go baller and throw out a $100 dollar tip. They upgraded our Regular Balcony room to the Newly Renovated 50th floor with the Bellagio Fountain view... Here is a pic.. With the Entertainment Book -> Marriott -> $100 Tip Trick our total Bill was $1,024.96 so we Saved $1300 dollars.
One of the main focuses of the Trip was to See Penn and Teller, so I got 3rd row floor aisle seats... Ive been wanting to see them for the longest time, been a huge fan forever, and had to see them live before they retire sometime... So thats how I justified paying bigger ticket price for close up seats... well it REALLY paid off when I got called up stage to participate in a trick!!! Hell Yeah... Then I got to meet Penn after the Show, got a picture and an autograph... Pretty sweet deal...
Trip was loaded with other fun stuff, Including a Helicopter Ride at Night around Vegas, Mob Museum, Golfing at Nationals where they filmed Casino and Tiger won his first PGA event...
I also took out $1000 dollars to gamble with and decided I could either spend little bits at a time and get whittled down to nothing by the end of the trip, or to just spend it all at once in hopes to hit some jackpots... Well I went with the later, and it paid off... Played some slots, I picked the Penny Slots that Max Reels put it at $5 a bet, then I turned on the Multiplier so I was spending $20 dollars a spin... Well... I ended up winning a $1200 dollar jackpot, followed up by a $1500 dollar jackpot... Not quite as good as it sounds just because I took my $1200 dollar winnings all the way back down to 300 bucks before I hit the 2nd jackpot... Turns out the Player Rewards Card system is based on how much you bet, not how much you win/lose so since I looked like a big time guy betting $20 bucks a spin and winning / losing enough to place a ton of bets, they upgraded my player card, and now are offering me big incentives like: · Four nights complimentary · $225 identity play · $100 dining credit
We celebrated and ate at STK... $70 dollar steaks but by far the best I've ever ate...
TL:DR : Went to Vegas, Saved $1300 dollars on Booking, Got Called up on Stage to Participate in Penn / Teller Trick, Won 2 slot jackpots; Got Treated like a boss, and left Vegas with more money then I started with....
edit: formatting.
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My experience in Vegas for the first time for those that care. Stayed there 1/28 to 1/31.

Hey guys, I'm sitting at work now back in Arkansas, and thought I'd give a brief rundown of my experience in Vegas for the first time for those that are in the same boat as me.
I'm a 30/M and my girlfriend is around my age(she'd kill me for telling everyone her age, typical female. ;). My birthday was in January, and she decided to surprise me with tickets to go see my favorite comedian Bo Burnham at the Hard Rock. I've never been further than Texas to the West, so I wasn't really sure what the expect, but I can easily say Vegas... is no Arkansas. ;)
I'm sitting here at work, so I'll format this better and add to it when more thoughts pop into my mind.
edit Added an album. Haven't edited any of the pictures and there may be a lot of duplicates -
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Planning a sort of last minute trip..suggestions?

Hey guys, thanks for indulging this post. I know there are a ton of FAQs, but I've got a unique situation and wanted to get some input. I'm switching jobs next month and have a week between, and have some money saved up so I'm going to splurge on a trip to Vegas.
This will be the week of Nov 7 (election week, no less). I get off Friday the 4th, don't have to be at work until Nov 14.
Money is not unlimited, but I'm also not broke, so I can splurge. I have airline miles so the flight is free (Delta), and I have enough to cover whatever day/time I want to go.
I have been to Vegas once before, to Defcon, with a group from work. This will be my first time totally recreationally, and I will be by myself.
I have been waffling between getting a really cheap room (places like Circus Circus has like $50 or less per night even with resort fees) or splurging and getting a "cheap" room at a really nice place like the Bellagio. I want to stay in a hotel with a casino, for sure. A long time ago I used to go to Tunica in Mississippi to gamble, so any player's card credits I might have are going to be with Harrah's/Caesar's (probably all expired though)
So, I guess I'm looking for some input on that decision (where to stay: nice or cheap)
Also, what would be the best days? I'm kind of zeroing in on Sunday through Thursday. Number of days isn't set it stone, but I want to have enough time to do plenty of things. I'll probably play a ton of craps, but I also want to see some other stuff (nuke museum, some pawn shops, maybe get out to the hoover dam, etc). What are going to be the best days with the best rates? Will there be shows to see during the week?
This post got a little rambling towards the end, but just want to get some input from locals or regulars about getting the most out of a last minute trip, but without putting too much pressure or getting to uptight about it.
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(LONG) The Ultimate Trip Report: 7.5 Action-Packed Days in Mid-October. Lots of Budget-Friendly Activities!

Just returned from the most epic week in Las Vegas with my husband! We budgeted about $1000 per person for the week, all expenses included. We went over by a couple hundred in the end. We planned a lot of activities and sightseeing in advance to avoid gambling too much out of boredom. We weren't very lucky at anything except blackjack, but we were able to leave Vegas at only $40 in the hole between the two us, which I consider a moderate success! And we weren't bored for a minute!
Day 1 (Wed 10/19)
Day 2 (Thurs 10/20)
Day 3 (Fri 10/21)
Day 4 (10/22)
Day 5 (Sun 10/23)
Day 6 (Mon 10/24)
Day 7 (Tues 10/25)
Day 8 (Wed 10/26)
Thanks for reading! I might try to come back and add some pictures and links here as I get the chance. Feel free to ask me about anything we did!
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Las Vegas casino robbers taken into custody

A few weeks ago, Las Vegas casinos were overly concerned about a flurry of robberies that targeted some of the most prosperous establishments in Sin City. The amounts stolen were hardly impressive, but the very idea of getting robbed is both frustrating and worrisome. Caesars Atlantic City Casino was not spared either and with the perpetrators stealing $180,000, everyone was anxiously waiting to see whether the police will find and catch the wrongdoers. It didn't take long for them to find the suspects and it appears like 19-year-old Izyiah Plummer is the most likely one to be the criminal. He was taken into custody with four other men and one woman and are now facing a plethora of charges, including aggravated assault, weapons offenses, receiving stolen property and of course robbery. They stormed into the Caesars casino and ordered the guards to put down their guns and present them with the money in a couple of cash boxes. Immediately after the robbery took place, the perpetrators left the premises in a dark colored sedan and they were nowhere to be found. The police diligently worked towards building the case and after a few days of investigations they decided that these for suspects are probably the ones that are leading the robbery. It was a stressful endeavor for those clients who happened to be playing casino games at that time, an ordeal that those who have an account with William Hill Casino won't have to go through, ever. Playing over the Internet has plenty of advantages, with convenience being frequently placed at the top of the list, but apparently safety is also among them. The robbery at Caesars Palace casino is not the exception, as the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas was also targeted by robbers. Once again, the police was on the mission and just one week later they arrested Scott Carmitchel, a 34-year-old was previously convicted for making a criminal threat. He was found in a Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel, where he was having a good time with four women which police suspect to be prostitutes. They told the authorities that Scott gave them $7000 each and took them on a shopping spree in Las Vegas, before spending the night. The suspect was arrested and will be facing criminal charges, after he asked a tourist to book a hotel room on his behalf, under the pretenses that he didn't have a valid ID. Much to his credit, the tourist realized that something was terribly wrong and promptly announced the police who began an investigation. Carmitchel denies responsibility and claims that he had found the money in a backpack and decided to have a good time instead of reporting his discovery to the police. He demonstrated erratic behavior even though he said that he was not on drugs and didn't consume alcohol either, but one of his female companions told the police that he had weed on him.
via Casinoreviews
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3-day trip report: Aria, Dig This, Carbone, and Britney

Returned to Philadelphia from Las Vegas yesterday morning on the red-eye, and after about 18 hours of sleep, I'm ready to write up my trip report. This was my first time back to Las Vegas since 2007 and I had a lot of fun.
I receive email promotions from the MLife casinos, and the one that caught my eye was an offer for a $50 dining credit per night at Aria. Since Aria opened an outpost of Carbone in November, I read the fine print of the offer to make sure Carbone wasn't excluded from the offer.
My flight was delayed and I didn't make it to the hotel until about 1 am. Earlier in the day, Aria emailed me about online check-in, and I decided to do it just to make sure I'd at least have a place to sleep that night. When I was assigned a room on the eighth floor, I decided to go to the check-in desk to see if I could do better.
I did the $20 sandwich and asked for "anything with an awesome bathroom." The woman who checked me in put me on the 54th floor with a strip view, one room away from the elevator. SCORE.
Because I checked in so late, the front desk attendant credited the third night of my dining credit to the final day of my stay.
Slept in and headed directly to my spa appointment at noon for a facial. When I checked in for the facial, I asked if I could be fit in for a mani and pedi too. They scheduled me for a 3 pm appointment.
The Spa at Aria is huge, quiet, tranquil, and relaxing. After the facial, I killed two hours in the spa reading magazines, eating snacks and drinking green tea, napping on vibrating chairs in the salt room (a dark room lined with gently warmed Himalayan salt bricks), and fielding work emails on my iPad by the private outdoor infinity edge pool.
When I returned to my room, I found that housekeeping had come and gone and left me extra towels as I requested along with my nice tip. (I was glad I asked for extra towels, since housekeeping never came back to my room during the rest of my stay. Hmph.)
I ate dinner at the bar at Julian Serrano Tapas in the Aria lobby (tasty patatas bravas, an uninspired beet salad with commodity Sysco croutons, 6/10). I didn't have plans for Sunday night, so at the last minute, I decided to roll the dice at the concierge and see if they could get me tickets for Jerry Seinfeld at Caesars.
Let me recognize Tatiana the concierge at Aria by name here because she was so helpful, friendly, and resourceful. She got me fantastic seats for Jerry Seinfeld for way less than I expected to spend, and found a gift card that had been left for me at the concierge desk under the wrong name. I gave her a tip and called her manager to compliment her.
(Sidebar: Did you know the Society of the Crossed Keys is a real thing? Tatiana was wearing the gold keys pins on her uniform...I thought it was just something Wes Anderson made up for the Grand Budapest Hotel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
After Jerry's set, I walked back to Aria from Caesars. I stopped at the Caesars sports book and put $20 on the Panthers to beat Navy...I should have just torn up that $20 bill. I also stopped at Olives on the Via Bellagio and sat at the bar and had dessert and a nightcap, and as I was walking back to Aria I watched the fountain show for "Luck be a Lady," my favorite of the fountain shows.
To get back to Aria, I walked through Crystals and closed down the bar at Todd English Pub (extensive but confusing beer list, OK fries, talked Coachella and exchanged instagram handles with Channa the sweet bartender and her boyfriend, 8/10.)
The art at Aria and Crystals is kind of banal (Dale Chihuly...yawn) but it was a lot of fun to take a bunch of drunk Hotline Bling selfies in the James Turrell installation by the tram station on the third floor. Go late and you can dance like Drake to your heart's content!
I wasn't ready for bed yet, so I stopped at Alibi at Aria for a cocktail and had an excellent chocolate martini garnished with Cocoa Puffs.
Up early for Dig This! I had a 10 am appointment to operate the excavator and after some confusion by the cab driver ("Turn off the meter and let me out, I'll walk the rest of the way because you obviously don't know where you're going!") I made it just in time for the safety briefing.
I cannot talk up Dig This enough--it was ridiculously fun. Junior, the instructor, was patient and upbeat even if he had to tell me "no, your RIGHT, your OTHER right" fifty times. There were two other people in my group and we all had fun encouraging and zinging each other while operating the excavators. We were welcome to take all the pictures we wanted with our cameras and phones and I actually bought the $30 plaque with a professional photo of me in the excavator afterward. (And tipped Junior, of course.)
I Ubered back to the strip to eat lunch at Hash House a Go Go at the Linq, but the line was so long and the space so grim and uninspiring I ended up eating lunch at Guy Fieri on the strip. My Mayor of Flavortown burger was fine; I'd eaten at Guy Fieri Chophouse in Atlantic City before so I knew what to expect.
After lunch, I walked back to Aria and put $20 in a Hangover penny machine before taking a nap and getting ready for my 6:30 dinner reservation at Carbone. Since I read Pete Wells' review of the original New York location in the Times I'd wanted to eat there.
A word about the space at Carbone: opulent. It hearkens back to old-timey New York/Las Vegas Italian restaurants--red velvet booths, an enormous crystal chandelier in the dining room, massive fresh flower arrangements in gigantic brass urns on the bar.
The portions at Carbone are famously huge, so I had to order wisely--the clams three ways and the spicy rigatoni were delicious, but the minestrone was thin and weirdly green. For dessert, I ordered the carrot cake with ginger ice cream and it was the best piece of carrot cake I've ever eaten.
All the reviews of Carbone talk up the service (you get a table captain instead of a server), but I found it to be inattentive and impersonal: The host tried to seat me at the bar instead of a table in the dining room because I was dining alone, I was disappointed that I wasn't offered the complimentary nip of limoncello and rainbow cookies the other tables around me received after the meal...and nobody said thank you or goodbye when I signed for the bill or walked out of the restaurant! What the hell?!
(Not that I was able to take advantage of this, but the women's restrooms at Carbone would make a great place for a quickie.)
Carbone overall: Food 8/10. Service 6/10.
Hopped in a cab after dinner and headed to PH for Britney. Even on a Monday night, PH was SLAMMED with people. The plexiglas cases with her famous costumes in the lobby (the red leather jumpsuit from Oops I Did it Again, the blue flight attendant costume from the Toxic video, even her dress from when she was on Star Search) were a treat to see.
I received Britney tickets as a Christmas gift, and my seat was awesome, though expensive at almost $300. The seats are raked so even if you stand up to dance you're not blocking someone in front of you. Some of the arrangements of her songs were kind of weird--the crowd didn't know when to get hyped for her big hits. But Britney herself seemed lively and engaged and looked great. I grabbed a few of the custom Britney poker chip confetti that blasted over the crowd at the end of the show.
As I was leaving I noticed I was seated two rows closer to the stage than Dave Grohl, who was wearing a white crushed velvet dinner jacket and bow tie. (Me: "How's the foot?" Dave: "Healing!")
Tuesday morning, I paid $30 for 3 pm checkout and headed downtown to The Mob Museum. I've never been to downtown Las Vegas before and I was surprised the cabs cost me around $30 each way after tip--locals, did I get longhauled?
The Mob Museum is very well done, with lots of memorabilia and well-produced exhibits about the history of Las Vegas, law enforcement, gambling, and of course, organized crime. I thought there were WAY too many people in the museum for it to be enjoyable, though. Go early.
Ended my stay with lunch at Crystals at Cucina Wolfgang Puck (a much better beet salad than at Julian Serrano and a side of meatballs, 7/10) and bought myself a scarf at Hermés.
When I checked out, the manager credited the $50/night dining credit as a flat $150 to the total bill instead of just to food. I was OK with that. But I learned that at check-in, the woman who checked me in charged my Amex up front for the full balance of my hotel room plus another $350 for a "security deposit." I have no idea why she did that, and neither did the woman who checked me out.
Headed to the airport early to unwind in The Centurion Lounge (shoutout to the homies in /churning), which happened to be right across from my gate. There was a nice buffet and a free full bar to take advantage of, but unfortunately for me I'm a nervous flyer and I didn't want to eat or drink anything other than water before my flight. But I made friends with a showgirl waiting for her flight too!
Finally, I want to thank all of the /vegas redditors for their advice while I was planning this trip. Your answers to my questions (and ErnDizzy's well-done trip report) helped me cram as much fun into three days as I did.
TL; DR version: Aria nice but needs to work on the details; The Spa at Aria is a terrific place to chill; good food at Carbone but service was lacking on my visit; Dig This--unforgettable! A must-do; when Britney's on, she's firing on all cylinders; The Mob Museum is well done but go early.
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Walking Bellagio Conservatory Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Strip  Fall 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Room Tour Salone Fountain View Suite Upgraded $20 sandwich trick First Time in Las Vegas  Bellagio Double Blazing 7s Jackpot + $849.00 Credits @ Bellagio, Las Vegas (Sept 2017) Bellagio Las Vegas  Hotel Review GAMBLING IN LAS VEGAS & ACTUALLY WINNING! - YouTube Bellagio TOP DOLLAR $100 Slots ~Final Offer - YouTube

2000+ Free online slots just for fun: play the best free online casino slots with no Bellagio Casino Credit Line download, no sign up, no deposit required. Top free slot machine games with bonus rounds and free spins bonus in Bellagio Casino Credit Line instant play! The most popular new online slots: penny and 3d slots from IGT, Aristocrat, Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and 15 more. MGM Resorts Bellagio, Circus Circus Sales Have Positive Credit Implications, Says Moody’s. Posted on: October 21, 2019, 07:00h. Last updated on: October 21, 2019 ... If you have a line of credit at a casino, they should certainly be willing to cash your check there. It has been a long time since I cashed a check at a casino, but there was no problem. The check was for a lot less than my credit line. Bellagio Las Vegas is a AAA Five Diamond Resort & Casino with a variety of things to do on The Strip including the iconic Bellagio Fountains, Conservatory & Gardens, and "O" by Cirque du Soleil. I have a resort credit at the Bellagio to use during my stay. Has anyone used one and do you know if there are limitations? Can you use it anywhere? Thank you. Report inappropriate content . Resorts in Las Vegas. See all. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. 5,371 Reviews #2 of 282 hotels in Las Vegas. Skylofts at MGM Grand. 501 Reviews #3 of 282 hotels in Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas. 26,862 Reviews #4 ... No Bellagio Casino Credit Application Deposit Bonus Codes. There is plenty of casinos that offer no deposit casino bonuses which you activate with a bonus code. You can find those casinos in our list of casinos with bonus codes. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. January 7, 2018. Pots Of Luck Casino - Welcome Bonus Over 300 Casino Games; No Withdrawal Limits; Slots With Progressive Jackpots ... Click here to reach the team at Bellagio Resort & Casino with any questions, compliments, or information. Timeless Las Vegas Luxury - Bellagio Resort & Casino. Bellagio Las Vegas is a AAA Five Diamond Resort & Casino and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The Bellagio Las Vegas opened in 1998 and is home to the famous Fountains of Bellagio. Die Chancen stehen gut, denn das Casino. Finden Sie neue Freunde in der Circle Bar. Gerade aber wer mehrere Tage in Las Vegas bleibt und vor hat, viele Stunden in den Casinos zu verbringen, sollte sich nicht ganz planlos in. 0 Kommentare. Lotto Super 6 Spiel 77. 20.12.2019 20.12.2019 Kazranos. Die LOTTO 6aus49 Quoten und die der Zusatzlotterien SUPER 6 und Spiel 77 werden immer gleichzeitig ... The User Bellagio Casino Credit Application must Bellagio Casino Credit Application fill in the registration Bellagio Casino Credit Application form provided by LV BET which shall at least include the following details:. the customer’s identity. You warrant to, provide true, accurate, current and complete information regarding identity during the registration process. As a condition to being granted marker limit privileges, I agree to sign credit instruments, AKA markers or checks (hereinafter “markers”) in the amount of the funds (e.g. chips, cash, tokens, etc.) issued to me. Further, I authorize MGM Resorts International and its affiliates to complete any of the following information on those markers: (1) name of payee, (2) a date, (3) name, account ...

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Walking Bellagio Conservatory Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Strip Fall 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada

THE LOBBY AND CASINO - 0:57 THE ROOM - 2:22 FOUNTAINS AT BELLAGIO - 4:02 POOLS/ACTIVITIES - 6:22 If you have any questions regarding information I have not included in the video or would like ... Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Room Tour Salone Fountain View Suite Room 11080 We had booked the standard room and did the sandwich trick at check in. So I placed a crisp $20 dollar note ... Las Vegas vlog March Madness Day 2Starting the day with Bellagio fountain show. The room at MGM grand had a view of The Mansion (high rollers villas). Specia... The Credit Card Maestro 5,715 views. 7:39. $20 Dollar Sandwich Trick @ Bally's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino!! (UPGRADE STANDARD TO EXECUTIVE SUITE ) - Duration: 6:34. Magana Ventures 24,222 views. 6 ... A high roller* playing two $100 (2-coins) slot machines side by side at Bellagio. Note the credit meter already shows him with $50,500.00 (366 + 139 = 505 X ... This is one of several hand-paid jackpots I hit on this Double Blazing 7's multi-linked progressive group of slot machines* at Bellagio, Las Vegas on 9/22/17. Notably, the 1st progressive jackpot ... Walking Tour of Bellagio Conservatory Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Strip Fall 2019 in City of Las Vegas Nevada ★ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ★ BOOK A CONSULTATION CALL - ...