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New cards being distributed at Edmonton casinos

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West Edmonton Mall- The Casino Opens! And other stuff

So I was back at the mall today- a short hangout with two other friends and then I went off on my own. Since they could only go at 2pm, it was an earlier visit than normal for me... and yup- I can confirm that the mall is INSANELY busy on weekend afternoons. Indigo had a MASSIVE line just waiting to get in, as did two Starbucks I saw. The LEGO Store and other places had lines, too. Choose to shop at night, people! Because of course at about 5:30 everyone was like "Gotta get home!" and magically the mall clears out.
I was surprised to find the Starlight Casino open! This has been closed since at least March, and I figured it would have been heavily advertised! Despite that lack of advertisement, it was pretty busy- at least 100 or so people. Probably more. And it's been open since Nov. 2nd, so I'm missed it the past 2-3 times I've come! Looks like they have swinging plastic panels between games, and if they don't, most of the games in a row are turned off. Looks like the same games as before. They actually make you unmask and face their cameras (probably for security/people who have been banned). They were doing last call at 9:45, so it was probably closing much earlier than in the old days.
New shops: There's a "Soap Bakery" where there was once a cellphone store (Rogers?), right by the food court/Indigo area. Lots of donut-looking bits of soap- kinda neat. I noticed a new shop for teas or something on the upper level.
Stores still closing early: Indigo, Simons, British Import shop. I don't mind; it's just curious. Saw Oceana (the former wig shop; now sells toys) and Imagine+, which I think are owned by the same people, selling the same things for greatly different prices. I'm kind of delighted the mall has this many collectible shops, though- it killed the Collector's Edge by Sunrise to have this much competition, and I'm kinda sad about that, but that place always looked messy and its staff never moved from behind their counter. Not that the other shopkeepers do, either- only Coin & Stamp seems to have mobile staff. Looks like the LEGO Store has a limit of 30 people. I noticed some Disney Store staff have been poached, too, lol.
Speaking of Disney, that place was INSANE with staffing today! I went in around 5:30 and found THIRTEEN PEOPLE working! I saw so many staff I actually counted- you had a greeter, two folders, three walking, two cashiers, three having a "management meeting" (ie. just standing around and talking), plus two in the back. In a store that small, with a limit of 40 people (which would be incredibly full), it's noticeable. No wonder there's a "Disney Store Game" to try and reach the end without being talked to. Oddly I'm actually the best at doing so because I'm in often enough to avoid undue notice, and tend to slowly make my way along the right-hand side!
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Now that the Baccarat Casino has been torn down, what is the ugliest building in Edmonton?

Is it the Butterdome? The Bibliotank? Law Courts Building? CN Tower? Whatever the hell that main building/tower thing is at MacEwan?
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Excavators take the first few bites out of the old Baccarat Casino, once called the ugliest building in Edmonton, downtown today

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Baccarat Casino sits 'sad and lonely' on Edmonton lot, 3 years after closing

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Not anti-lockdown, but I'm just so tired of the way this has been handled. I feel robbed and angry.

I have missed out on so many of what are supposed to be the most important moments of my life. My graduation, my first year of university, my 18th birthday, hell I never even got to say goodbye to my old classmates because I was sick on the last day of school. I was a good person and followed all the health orders, naively believing that if we could all just show some goddamn solidarity and have some of that good old human resolve we could get through this.
Of course Alberta had to do what they do best and LARP as Texas. Feed right into all the crazy conspiracy theorists and drag their feet when proposing ways to manage this virus. Sucks, but one of the joys of living under a conservative government, freedom amirite! (except for those indigenous people on reserves and struggling workers, they don't count)
Something about these last few weeks just fucking broke me. They say they were hesitant about restrictions for mental health, cause nothing's better for the old noggin than a trip to the casino to play some slots and drink your feelings away. Because that is obviously so much safer than having a single, also socially distanced friend over to watch a movie together.
The UCP had the gaul to say that restaurants and stores aren't causing spread and that indoor gatherings are the real issue, when we don't know where 80% of cases come from and tons of studies worldwide have shown this claim to be bullshit. I get banning indoor gatherings, but then restraunts and non-essential businesses should be off the table too.
And of course today Kenney gets up on his little stepstool podium to announce new restrictions. Thank God. Oh wait? What's that first one? No outdoor gatherings at all? You mean the THING THAT NEARLY ALL HEALTH EXPERTS HAVE UNILATERALLY AGREED UPON BEING ONE OF THE SAFEST ACTIVITIES RIGHT NOW?
But thanks Kenney, thanks for keeping my mental health in check. My mental state totally wasn't hinging on that date I planned to go for a walk and look at the lights downtown with a girl I've had a crush on for ages. At least I can go to West Edmonton Mall and spend all my money on useless garbage surrounded by antimaskers and inbred trailer trash, I'm sure that'll keep me off the ledge for awhile longer!
But now stores are limited to 15% of fire capacity, that'll definitely help right? Anyone ever looked at fire capacity numbers? They are fucking absurd. The tiny little Dollar Tree near my house can have 30 people inside and still be under 15%, Best Buy can have over 100. A Best Buy with 100 people inside is still busy, I don't care what the fire code says. 15% sounds low, but it's not, and I can only assume it's a misinformation tactic to calm people down.
If you've read this far I think you might be just as insane as me, but what else do you have to do but stay inside and doomscroll through social networks while the world falls apart. But hey. Mental health is important right? After all that's why we avoided this lockdown until the one time of year where lonely people are known to kill themselves.
I wish I could tell Jason Kenney to go fuck himself, but he already jerked himself off for 2 hours straight today on live TV.
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Parents charged after toddler found alone in vehicle outside Edmonton casino - Edmonton
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Places in Edmonton to play poker? (That aren't casinos)

I'm a fan of poker, and nothing crazy for buy-in but I can't go to any casinos until October of this year. Wondering if there are some other places or casual games going on in the city?
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Covid-19 Update for December 8: 1,727 new cases, 1,397 recoveries, 9 deaths + Announcement of additional mandatory measures

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw, Premier Jason Kenney, Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, and Minister of Jobs Doug Schweitzer. Dr Hinshaw's next availability is tomorrow.
There are currently enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta and have been enhanced as of today. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Change Total
Total cases +1,727 71,379
Active cases 20,388 +321
Cases with "Unknown source" 10,575 (83.9%) in last 7 days +427 (+0.4%)
Tests +19,071 (~9.06% positive) 2,410,675
People tested +7,433 1,534,783 (~355,521/million)
Hospitalizations 654 +45/+35 based on yesterday's post/portal data 2,325 (+64)
ICU 112 +4 413 (+10)
Deaths +9 (4x 70-79, 5x 80+) 640
Recoveries +1,397 51,000
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths (since yesterday):
  • All other values are compared with respect to yesterday
Zone Active Cases New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 7,529 (+57) +2,654 621,003 +583 28,946 +2 215
Central 1,526 (+53) +1,005 134,204 +176 3,881 +1 20
Edmonton 9,383 (+193) +2,664 513,626 +791 29,901 +5 304
North 1,212 (+65) +739 143,747 +165 4,757 +0 51
South 646 (-8) +307 97,153 +57 4,307 +1 50
Unknown 92 (-39) +64 25,050 -45 236 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since yesterday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Edmonton 24,542 (+625) 7,586 (+151) 16,692 (+469) 264 (+5)
Calgary 24,245 (+507) 6,490 (+117) 17,562 (+388) 193 (+2)
Brooks 1,296 (+2) 24 (-4) 1,258 (+6) 14 (+0)
Lethbridge 1,175 (+22) 259 (+9) 909 (+13) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 906 (+20) 222 (-3) 682 (+23) 2 (+0)
Red Deer 832 (+45) 373 (+18) 449 (+27) 0
High River county 658 (+2) 49 (-6) 602 (+8) 7 (+0)
Grande Prairie 562 (+15) 106 (+10) 451 (+5) 5 (+0)
Mackenzie county 447 (+4) 19 (+4) 415 (+0) 13 (+0)
Medicine Hat 334 (+11) 89 (-3) 240 (+14) 5 (+0)
I.D. No 9 (Banff) 324 (+8) 109 (-14) 215 (+22) 0
Cardston county 200 (+2) 37 (-2) 157 (+4) 6 (+0)
Wheatland county 146 (+1) 6 (-1) 140 (+2) 0
Warner county 137 (+1) 30 (-2) 105 (+3) 2 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 111 (+1) 8 (+0) 103 (+1) 0
Rest of Alberta 16,113 (+461) 4,981 (+47) 11,010 (+412) 122 (+2)
Other municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (as of today):
  • 108 schools are on Watch (+2)
  • 141 schools have 2-4 cases (+10)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 198 (+14) 34 (+2)
Edmonton 357 (+22) 66 (+3)
Central 50 (+3) 6 (+1)
South 18 (+4) 2 (-1)
North 31 (+2) 4 (-1)
Statements by Premier Kenney
Opening Statements
  • Here to lay out additional health measures which are necessary to protect healthcare system and save lives
  • Alberta has faced most of the year with lower levels of spread, hospitalizations, and fatalities
  • Having said that, last few weeks are different
  • Incredible work is being done by healthcare workers in face of this
  • Delays in surgeries have occurred, which for some may result in a shorter lifespan
  • Not doing anything now will result in continued growth of hospitalizations and further strain on healthcare
  • On advice of chief medical officer, restrictions have occurred. Government realizes that this can impact businesses and cause adversities
  • Knows many feed policies are unjust and why provincial government has stressed education first instead of using policy
  • On the other hand, while space can be made, it will have further health impacts (e.g. running out of capacity in hospitals)
  • If stronger action isn't taken now, hundreds or thousands more Albertans will die
  • Data appears to suggest a stabilization (around a reproductive factor of around 1.2), but that isn't enough
New Restrictions
  • As of today, all outdoor and indoor social gatherings are banned
  • The mask mandate will expand to all indoor places, with exception of rental homes and farm operations
  • As of December 13th, 12:01 AM:
  • (1) Retail, grocery stores, and shopping malls are restricted to 15% of capacity, down from 25%. Kiosks are open for takeaway service only. Malls cannot be used for socialization and shopping only
  • (2) Places are worship to 15% occupancy with previous restrictions applying. Online and drive-in services are still recommended
  • (3) Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes are restricted to takeout and delivery services only. This will open up their access to provincial and federal supports
  • (4) The following will be closed:
  • (4a) Gaming centres (e.g. - casinos, bingo halls, gaming entertainment centres)
  • (4b) Recreational facilities
  • (4c) Indoor entertainment (e.g. libraries, science centres, water parks)
  • (4d) Trade centres
  • The restrictions do not apply to service visits, healthcare, or childcare .
  • (5) All Alberta employees must work from home unless employer requires physical presence for operational reasons (up from a recommendation)
  • No changes to schools beyond what was previously announced
  • These are all province wide and will be in effect for 4 weeks
  • Goal has been to be targeted. However, the whole province is seeing significant spread
  • Knows the holidays are important for many people
  • The hard truth is that the single source of spread is at-home gatherings
  • If we let people gather for Christmas, we'll see a spike in cases
  • We can't let that happen, so please follow the gathering restrictions previously noted (only in-household or with 2 close contacts if you live alone)
Increased Enterprise Support
  • This isn't the fault of anybody who followed the guidelines
  • Until the contact tracing system was overwhelmed, we didn't see it being the fault of business owners
  • But we are seeing spread so widespread, it doesn't matter how careful you were
  • These are decisions are a last resort
  • Knows this impact will be real. So financial support for small and medium size enterprise
  • 4x growth in small and medium enterprise relaunch grant, while lowering eligibility from 40% of revenue lost to 30%. This will also be retroactive to March
Closing Statements
  • Thanks Albertans for their work for most of the past 9 months
  • We are seeing the end with vaccination possibly beginning in weeks...the end is in sight
  • Why now, instead of two weeks ago?: Goal is to reduce contacts, assuming Albertans respond. This should be a very strong message and reduce transmissions. Measures have been increasingly harsh because each restriction creates harms, will hurt people who have sunk all their money in a business, and potentially increase self-harm. So this is a last resort
  • Why keep retail open instead of just curbside?: Encourages curbside, but some people may not be able to live without basic goods. Even most stringent policies around the world have kept retail open in some capacity. Feels the designation of essential and non-essential businesses in spring was a mistake
  • Why is cabinet being transparent about the reproductive value (R or Rt)?: Are preparing ways to publicly present this data, as well as healthcare capacity. Targeting next week
  • Do you think the softer measures before will cost lives/make economic recovery more difficult?: Shutting down early would have had significant impacts. Thinks it'd be a huge mistake to draw correlations between strictness of restrictions and outcomes and that there is a reasonable balance being stuck
  • Since you defined Covid representing "a tiny percent" of deaths, 300 deaths have occurred. There have been significant growths in hospitalization and cases. Do you take personal responsibility?: Rejects the premise of the question and calls it more of an "NDP speech". Feels the province has done more than other jurisdictions, especially early on. Also notes that BC, who has a government of opposite end of the political spectrum, has had a similar approach
Statements by Minister Shandro
Additional Details on Health Measures
  • Goal is to limit in-person interaction
  • Retail restriction has a floor of 5 people
  • Ski hills can remain open, provided restrictions are followed
  • Realizes that this is a lot to take in, but person-to-person exposure is fuelling the spread
  • We need limit contacts and be aware of the situation around you (even outdoors or at the grocery store)
  • How does outdoor gathering ban even work?: Goal is to restrict social gatherings. So do not socially gather indoors or outdoors. If they gather in a park or on the sidewalk, that isn't allowed. Difficulty will certainly lie in enforcement and hopes it won't need to be used. It will be up to law enforcement to determine if they feel they need to use it
  • (Additional comment by Dr Hinshaw: Intention is to prevent group social activities. Not prohibited is fitness activities provided distancing occurs)
Statements by Minister Schweitzer
Opening Statements
  • Wants to make people aware that there will be significant impacts. This is not lost on anyone in government
  • Knows many people are impacted because people have ignored public health orders.
Additional Details on Small Business Supports
  • 40% may not be able to re-open after these closures without supports
  • Small businesses may now qualify for $20,000 support (up from $5,000) with a decrease in revenue lost to 30%
  • An additional 15,000 businesses should be able to qualify for this (totalling 500 million dollars)
  • How many people will be affected with these restrictions?: ~30,000 businesses will be affected. Will be seeing how many people
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
  • 426 schools have active cases (~18%) with total of 1,701 cases
  • 108 schools on watch list (5+ active cases)
Edmonton Zone
  • The Royal Alexandra Hospital has decided to place facility on "Watch" status as a precautionary measure
  • Hospitals are safe places to receive care, but be aware that staff are under extreme stress
  • Edmonton Zone will enact additional measures:
  • (1) Postponing up to 60% of non-urgent surgeries (up from 30%)
  • (2) Diagnostic imaging may be reduced by up to 40%
  • (3) Ambulatory visits and procedures may be reduced as needed
  • AHS will contact those who are impacted
  • This is why these measures are needed and a sign of how Covid may impact more than the ill
Scope of the Situation
  • If you gathered all the people who have tested positive, it would be the 5th largest city in Alberta
  • 1/3 people have been tested
  • On October 8, positive rate was 1.34% with 184 cases in province
  • Today, positive rate is 9% and 7 day average is 1,785
  • Outbreaks in almost all group settings
  • People from 1 to 108 have been infected
  • Knows restrictions will impact many people
  • The fastest way to get there is to embrace these restrictions
  • Knows many people have embraced already, but everybody will need to do more
  • Why do we think these measures will work, after the last two rounds?: This is the most significant round of restrictions. Points to Israel as an example (who shrunk their cases faster than even their first wave). Target will be to bring the health system out of risk
  • If someone is coming in from out of province, is that allowed?: If it's someone from out of province, it isn't allowed
  • A follow up question noted an example of family members in Alberta were quarantining were 2 weeks before Christmas. Challenge is that enforcement of a "quarantine" will be difficult to control. Province is saying "gathering for Christmas" won't be allowed with people who don't live in the home. Knows it's a big imposition but any suggestions like in the question may cause a Thanksgiving-like increase in spread
Additional information will be logged below:
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Edmonton teacher takes Gr.6 class to casino to teach them math

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Am I following the restrictions properly?

Yesterday I went to work. During which I grabbed a coffee at a local chain and later went for lunch. After work I stopped at the grocery store for a few items and met my mother there to say hi. Then I went to the gym for a bit. After I went out for supper then stopped at a few stores for some Xmas shopping. I then went to the casino to play slots for a bit. Then decided to have a drink at a bar before I went home. I did all of this without wearing a mask because I don't need to.. even though I'm in an area that has a higher case ratio than Edmonton and Calgary.
So am I correctly following our governments covid restrictions? I made sure not to go into anyone's house.
Edit.. this post is all sarcasm. I stayed home yesterday and didn't do any of these things. Geez. I'm just pointing out what I'm allowed to do under these "restrictions". 🤦‍♀️
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Covid-19 Update for November 24: 1,115 new cases, 916 recoveries, 16 deaths + Announced Restrictions to Limit Covid-19 Spread

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media availability by Premier Jason Kenney, Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, and Dr Deena Hinshaw. Minister of Eduation Adriana LaGrange, Deputy Minister of Eduation Andrew Courbold, and AHS CEO Verna Yiu were also present, but did not speak. Dr Hinshaw will be available every day this week.
There are currently enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Change Total
Total cases +1,115 49,536
Active cases 13,349 +183
Cases with "Unknown source" 7,538 (88.0%) in last 7 days +168 (-1.6%)
Tests +13,617 (~8.19% positive) 2,141,346
People tested +5,871 1,426,119 (~330,350/million)
Hospitalizations 349 +20/+15 based on yesterday's post/portal data 1,652 (+31)
ICU 66 +4/+1 based on yesterday's post/portal data 298 (+5)
Deaths +16 (3x 60-69, 70-79, 10x 80+) 492
Recoveries +916 35,695
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths (since yesterday):
  • All other values are compared with respect to yesterday
Zone Active Cases New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 4,903 (+58) +2,501 576,317 +426 20,609 +0 186
Central 830 (+18) +558 122,306 +65 2,175 +2 14
Edmonton 5,991 (+512) +1,921 476,491 +541 19,692 +14 208
North 764 (+16) +615 136,174 +79 3,343 +0 44
South 640 (-15) +235 91,712 +31 3,559 +0 40
Unknown 75 (-31) +41 23,119 -27 158 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since yesterday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 17,106 (+367) 3,884 (+105) 13,053 (+262) 169 (+0)
Edmonton 16,311 (+427) 4,815 (+114) 11,306 (+299) 190 (+14)
Brooks 1,271 (+4) 46 (+2) 1,212 (+2) 13 (+0)
Lethbridge 886 (+4) 171 (-5) 708 (+9) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 626 (+17) 158 (+11) 466 (+6) 2 (+0)
High River county 600 (-1) 29 (-2) 564 (+1) 7 (+0)
Grande Prairie 444 (+2) 78 (-4) 362 (+6) 4 (+0)
Mackenzie county 428 (-1) 8 (-2) 409 (+3) 13 (+0)
Red Deer 425 (+12) 141 (+0) 284 (+12) 0
Medicine Hat 228 (+9) 103 (+2) 123 (+7) 2 (+0)
I.D. No 9 (Banff) 186 (+5) 152 (+0) 34 (+5) 0
Cardston county 156 (+1) 34 (+1) 117 (+0) 5 (+0)
Wheatland county 138 (+2) 23 (-4) 115 (+6) 0
Wood Buffalo municipality 100 (+3) 27 (+1) 73 (+2) 0
Warner county 98 (+1) 17 (+1) 80 (+0) 1 (+0)
Rest of Alberta 10,533 (+263) 3,663 (-37) 6,791 (+298) 79 (+2)
Municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (since yesterday):
  • 65 schools are on Watch (+1)
  • 117 schools have 2-4 cases (+3)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 115 (+10) 16 (+2)
Edmonton 169 (+6) 39 (+0)
Central 18 (+0) 3 (+1)
South 25 (+0) 5 (+0)
North 21 (+4) 3 (+1)
Statements by Premier Kenney
Opening Statements
  • Pandemic is "once in a century" event that has affected everyone
  • Has received lots of heartbreaking/heartfelt letters and read some out of them in the meeting last night
  • Letters include concerns about family impacts and economic impacts, as well as the loss of life
  • Has phoned front line healthcare workers over weekend and sought out their advice
  • Has noted the hesitation of further restrictions before and focus on targeted measures. The vast majority of Albertans have worked to the guidelines
  • Spread is speeding up and is significant at long term care. We need to do "everything we can" to protect them. That requires dedicated work from the community
  • Must also protect healthcare system. Healthcare system is at risk, and Edmonton Zone is an example of the trade offs that now must be made. Other services will have to be put on hold if the trend continues, even with the spending in it
  • Measures below were not taken lightly. These are the "minimum restrictions needed" right now to protect healthcare system and avoiding widespread damage to livelihoods
New Measures
  • Declaring a State of Public Health Emergency in the province of Alberta
  • Series of mandatory measures also approved:
  • For social gatherings: No indoor social gatherings will be permitted in any setting and outdoor social gatherings will have a limit of 10 people
  • For funerals and weddings: 10 in-person limit and no receptions will be permitted
  • Social events have been one of the biggest driver of cases. Weddings and funerals are one of the biggest widespread drivers of transmission ("This is just a reality")
  • These social gathering restrictions are province-wide and can be subjected to fines
  • An emergency alert will be sent to all Alberta phones this week to make Albertans aware
  • Gatherings of worship services will be capped of 1/3 of Fire Code with mandatory masking if region is under enhanced status. This is now mandatory. This will be evaluated mid-December
  • Effective Friday, for regions under enhanced status, three temporary restrictions will be added at businesses and services:
  • (1) The following will be closed: banquet halls, conference centres, trade shows, concert venues, community centres. All levels of sport too, but must apply and have an approved exemption
  • (2) Retail businesses and services will be limited to 25% of occupancy limit
  • (3) Hair salons, personal wellness services, hotels, and professional services will be limited by-appointment
  • In-person dining and bars can continue, but must abide by guideline. Each dining tables will be limited to 1 household
  • Asking all workers that can work from home to do so. Government of Alberta will do so
  • These will be reviewed in mid-December
  • On November 30th, Grades 7-12 will end in-person schooling for 2020 and Winter break will begin December 18. In-person learning will be delayed until January 11, 2021
Closing Statements
  • Effective immediately, masks are mandatory in Edmonton and Calgary Zone
  • The measures are tough, but necessary to protect Albertans from a "crushing lockdown"
  • Knows this will be hard and encourages people to shop local
  • Will give a chance to review before Christmas
  • If the measures do not have meaningful impact, further restrictions will be made in December
Q&A - Announced Restrictions
  • Alberta has had some of the least stringent measures and highest cases rates. Is today's announcement that it failed? Why are we doing the "minimum"?: Thinks the response has been effective for a long stretch of time. Obviously an issue has cropped up in the past few weeks. Also notes a "chase after 0 [cases]" shutdown won't be the goal and that restrictions and interventions, in accordance with Charter of Rights, should be limited to minimizing infringement of rights to achieve a goal
  • How will you enforce gathering restrictions?: No "snitch line", but will be expanding enforcement officers (Level 1 and 2 peace officers) to enforce orders and writing the tickets (up to $1,000/person). Anticipates officers will see if obvious "large gathering signs" will be noticed
  • How is in-person dining not "indoor gatherings"? How do you feel about doctors recommending closing in-person dining?: Notes dining is one household and limited spread in dining centres and asks those with a secure paycheck ("particularly a government paycheck") to think about those who sink life savings in dining services
  • Why are stores being restricted if they are not a significant cause of spread?: Compares well to other provinces who have fully closed retail. Thinks it was a grave mistake to allow big box stores to remain open because they had grocery/pharmaceutical sections while small businesses must close. That said, restrictions must be made to limit social spread
  • Due to challenges with Albertan spread information, what data is being used to make the decisions?: Points to data from previous 8 months
  • Are you confident that these measures will control cases by December 15?: Yes. Notes the challenging balance between infringement of rights and controlling cases. Also hopes this will be a "wake up call" to those not following the guidelines
  • (Interjection - I felt this was important and it needs to be separated from the above question). Kenney recognizes he will get quite a few people "on [his] Facebook page" angry at the restrictions. Wants to emphasize this is not a lockdown. Nor is this an abstraction. If you know someone waiting for surgery, this is to protect them. It's not about politics, but for them. It's not something he wants to do and is upset about the situation. But it's not enough to complain. Challenges people to explain how to grapple with timely healthcare access if Covid continues to spread and more need care
Q&A - Future Restrictions
  • How bad will it have to be to announce a lockdown?: Would like to avoid it if possible. Key metric will be hospitalization (in particular, ICU), measured against capacity. (Interjection - The wording of the rest of the response was focused on more targeted measures if these restrictions do not limit spread within 3 weeks)
  • Are there specific thresholds for lift measures/add more measures?: On 15th of December, reproductive value (R) must be <1 to lift measures. Ideal target is 0.80. We are currently at 1.3 in Edmonton, 1.1 in Calgary
Q&A - Other
  • Where is Alberta when it comes to vaccine and rapid testing?: Alberta depends on the federal government. Notes disappointment in the slow roll out of rapid testing (though 577,000 tests have been delivered). Hopes to announce more roll out details in the week. For vaccine, Oxford trial has also headed to mass production (giving Canada 3 incoming vaccines). When it arrives, will likely begin with healthcare workers and vulnerable populations
Statements by Minister Shandro
Further details on the above guideline
  • Indoor social contact should be limited to you household. If you live alone, you may have two non-household social contacts
  • Indoor social gathering gatherings doesn't apply to home based services
  • Funeral/wedding gathering limits can result in $1,000 fine, up to $100,000 through courts
  • Additional details for restaurants/bars/pubs/lounges: Must follow 4 points: (1) 6 person/table limit, all from one household, (2) same note as above for single person household (and limited to the same two people), (3) only seated eating/drinking allowed, (4) no other services are allowed (e.g. billiards/darts)
  • Encourages takeout/delivery/curbside pick up when possible
  • Enhanced screening of measures will begin
  • Retail services extends to bingo halls, fitness, pools, etc. No group fitness is allowed, nor team practice or games
  • Casinos can be open for slots only and follow the liquor laws of bars and casinos
  • 25% limit includes grocery, pharmacies, clothing, computer, hardware, automotive stores, etc
  • Doctors can continue in-person care
  • Diploma exams will be optional - parents may choose to seek an exemption
AHS Capacity
  • Working with AHS to expand capacity
  • Commits that AHS will have all the resources needed to respond
  • But AHS also needs people to change their behaviour
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
  • Dip in case number was due to fewer tests
  • Active Alerts/Outbreaks (1+ active cases) in 318 schools (~13%), with 1,135 cases. 181 schools with outbreaks (2+ active) with 65 on watch list (5+)
  • 103 deaths in last 2 weeks. Of them, 62 were in continuing care and 12 in acute care. Of the 29 community deaths, 14 were <70 years old
Additional information will be logged below:
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Renderings of Edmonton Arena District's Gateway casino

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Most questionable Criterion releases?

I understand there's already been several "worst" release polls, but this time I wanna ask what release, to you, made you scratch your head in confusion upon hearing that it got a release. It doesn't have to be a bad film, it can also be a film you actually love, for that matter.
My picks:
-Paul Dano's Wildlife (2018): This was the most recent "WTF" inducing release for me, I saw it at Edmonton Film Fest in 2018 and hated almost every minute of it, and I got the vibe that most other people at the screening either didn't like it or thought it was a "meh" movie as well, and in the next couple years I only ever heard one person talk positively about it, so I was super confused as to why it was getting Criterion'd. For years I was always under the impression that Criterion's model was becoming "Lol a few hipsters apparently saw and liked this movie, lets give it a Criterion release I guess", and this one really did it for me.
The Irishman: I actually really enjoy this movie, despite its ungodly length (I swore to myself upon walking out of the cinema I won't be seeing four hour movies at the cinema ever again), but if I'm being honest, this isn't even on the same level of Goodfellas or Casino, both infinitely more deserving films (Casino especially, as I feel it's the most underrated of his " top picks" movies).
Jellyfish Eyes: A wildly fun "bad movie night" pick, but I swear this only got Criterion'd because Arrow or Scream Factory had the day off.
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The Predators have bought a billboard ad in Edmonton to cheer on the team

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Gateway Casinos shows off nearly complete $32M casino project 'Grand Villa' Edmonton in Ice District

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[NHL Watcher] Allan Walsh on TSN690 believes putting both hub cities in Canada is under consideration now for the NHL and NHLPA.

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Edmonton teacher criticized for taking his Grade 6 class to a casino

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How often do you go to The West Edmonton Mall?

View Poll
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Live Conan O'Brien Canadian Dates Confirmed. First Show is on April 17th at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton, AB

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Live Conan O'Brien Canadian Dates Confirmed. First Show is on April 17th at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton, AB

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Covid-19 Update for September 3: 130 new cases, 118 recoveries, 0 deaths + changes to guidance and orders

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media appearance by Dr Deena Hinshaw and Deputy Minister of Education Andre Corbould. Dr Hinshaw's next scheduled media availability will be tomorrow.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Total
Total cases +130 14,310
Active cases 1,415 (+12)
Cases with "Unknown source" 335 (33.5%) in last 7 days (Change: -14 (-2.3%))
Tests +9,553 (~1.4% positive) 994,289
People tested +6,219 785,664 (~181,909/million)
Hospitalizations 46 (-4/-5 based on yesterday's post/portal data) 709 (+5)
ICU 9 (+0) 132 (+0)
Deaths +0 242
Recoveries +118 12,653
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths:
Zone Active Cases (Change) New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 639 (+7) +2,611 322,860 +50 7,679 +0 118
Central 36 (+4) +585 66,144 +10 607 +0 7
Edmonton 527 (-11) +1,777 258,169 +45 3,255 +0 62
North 174 (+7) +784 69,402 +20 982 +0 30
South 35 (+4) +399 55,082 +5 1,755 +0 25
Unknown 4 (+1) +63 14,007 +0 32 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 6403 (+47) 559 (+4) 5737 (+43) 107 (+0)
Edmonton 2871 (+45) 480 (-8) 2331 (+53) 60 (+0)
Brooks 1128 (+0) 2 (+0) 1117 (+0) 9 (+0)
High River county 555 (+0) 4 (+0) 544 (+0) 7 (+0)
Mackenzie county 315 (+6) 68 (+3) 237 (+3) 10 (+0)
Lethbridge 159 (+1) 16 (+1) 141 (+0) 2 (+0)
Fort McMurray 119 (+4) 31 (+3) 88 (+1) 0
Cardston county 103 (+0) 2 (+0) 96 (+0) 5 (+0)
Red Deer 90 (+4) 13 (+3) 77 (+1) 0
Grande Prairie 88 (+1) 18 (-1) 68 (+2) 2 (+0)
Wheatland county 73 (+0) 4 (+0) 68 (+0) 1 (+0)
Medicine Hat 71 (+2) 4 (+2) 65 (+0) 2 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 61 (+0) 1 (+0) 60 (+0) 0
Warner county 59 (+0) 0 (Since Sept 1) 58 (+0) 1 (+0)
Rest of Alberta 2215 (+20) 213 (+5) 1966 (+15) 36 (+0)
Other Counties/Cities with 10+ active cases (change compared to yesterday, if I have it recorded):
City/County Active
Chestermere 10
St Albert 13 (+0)
Vulcan County 18 (+0)
Airdrie 22 (+0)
Clear Hills County 23 (-1)
  • No region was removed from this list today
Current list of zones under "watch" by the province (new in bold):
  • Calgary Centre
  • Calgary East
  • Calgary Elbow
  • Calgary Lower NE
  • Calgary Upper NE
  • Edmonton Castle Downs
  • Edmonton Eastwood
  • Edmonton NE
  • Edmonton Northgate
  • Clear Hills County
  • Mackenzie County
  • Vulcan County
No regions were removed from the "watch" classification.
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on yesterday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 16 (+1) 5 (+1)
Edmonton 22 (+1) 4 (+0)
Central 0 (-1) 0 (+0)
South 0 (-2) 0 (-1)
North 8 (-3) 0 (+0)
Statements by Dr Hinshaw
Questions/Concerns about Calgary Kidanemehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
  • Expresses gratitude to church leaders
  • Recommendation for testing apply only to those who attended from August 9 to 23
  • Children who attended church during that time should temporarily stay at home
  • Has heard individuals from the group have been stigmatized, potentially hurting control of this or future outbreaks
Changes to Guidance and Orders
  • Casinos/Racing entertainment centres: Table games are allowed, provided physical distancing, barriers, and other health measures are followed as stated online
  • Decision made based on transmission in Alberta vs places with table games. Haven't seen transmission issues locally and haven't seen significant transmission in places with table games
  • Continuing Care: Operators can shift to a "risk based approach" when residents are brought back to site (as opposed to a "measure of time" analysis). Facilities can permit volunteer on site
  • Notes a need to balance all aspects of health, including social connections. Visitors have not been a significant trend and outbreaks are more related to community spread transmitting to staff
  • Examples: Cabin visit (travelling and staying alone) is low risk, day trip to large family gathering is high risk. These examples would be were categorized against one's intuition based on previous orders
  • Urges patience while order gets in place. It will come into place in 2 weeks and some centres may need time to implement
Back to School
  • Understands a mix of emotions going forward
  • States that daily health assessment of children is important, as is not "working through" illness
  • Understands this can be difficult, but states that it is important for controlling Covid-19
  • Why are meat plants seeing outbreaks again?: interesting question, is currently looking into it. Specifically notes that an issue may be losing income when sick and specifically notes that we may "need to think about" advocating for "appropriate approaches to the CERB benefit"
  • Should we continue working from home?: should be a discussion between employee/employer based on context
  • Asked about details in an outbreak in the Calgary Drop In Centre: 5 cases. AHS working with shelter to isolate cases and notify close contacts. May not have been transmission in centre, but awaiting details from local authority
  • How long should a student be allowed to have "breaks" from masking: physical exercise is a good example, though physical distancing is required. If you have concerns, bring them to school board
  • Asked about "pandemic fatigue": Feeling of frustration is certainly very real as we don't see an endgame. Understands the sentiments, especially around Order 33. Sympathizes with those who wish Covid could go away and encourages seeking out activities that "recharge" you within the limits given as we are still waiting for a vaccine or a very effective way to control severe outcomes
Statements by Deputy Minister Corbould
  • Asked about "unintentional consequences" about movement to hub models creating larger class sizes: has heard concerns. Minister discussed the matter with the concerned groups. Recently announced additional funding should "go a long way" to address the issues
Additional information will be logged below:
  • Calgary Upper NE's active cases: 128 (+0)
  • Calgary Lower NE's active cases: 116 (+6)
Update 1 - minor noun corrections to increase clarity
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EDMONTON TRIP AND RIVER CREE CASINO NOV 11,2015 - YouTube Casino Edmonton 8 #switchbandedmonton - YouTube New Casino in West Edmonton - YouTube WOW@Casino Edmonton 05172019 - YouTube Casino Destination: Edmonton ★ 8 Casinos ★ Slot Mole ★ Big ...

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"All For You" Pure Casino Edmonton and Pure Casino ...

The Grand Villa Casino held a media preview ahead of the grand opening of the casino, which is connected to Rogers Place, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016. Casino Destination: Edmonton will show you great hits in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We show you 8 different Casinos, the huge West Edmonton mall ... [email protected] Edmonton 05172019 Geris Guanzon; 14 videos; 154 views; Last updated on May 21, 2019; Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. WOW 05172019 Brown Eyed Girl by Geris ... Produced by Guerrilla Motion Pictures for Pure Canadian Gaming. Featured on Sports Net Casino Edmonton 8 Starlight Casino is Edmonton's newest addition for entertainment, dining and games. Headed to Edmonton for a couple of Days