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Recollections of Babylon: Part Thirteen

Romani coughs, and asks everyone to reorganize their thoughts now that Quetzalcoatl is a part of their team.
Quetzalcoatl, however, is cheery as ever. She asks Romani
"Hey, are you properly seeking out nourishment? Are you sleeping enough? You look like as if your body's literally going to fall apart, are you okay?
If it's okay I'd really like to give you a hug - aw, we can't do that? Bummer, sorry for that! I guess you can't transport anyone now that the singularity hasn't been fixed, and even if you did, I'm not a heroic spirit of Chaldea, so I guess I can't come over there, right?"
Romani answers that this is correct, and he's impressed that Quetzalcoatl figured it out so early.
"Ah, that's ~ too bad ~
Aw, I was super looking forward to it too, but I guess the only thing left is for me to believe in Gudako's luck -
"Waaah, I wasn't expecting this one to pick me up by my armpits at all! Please put me down Ms. Quetzalcoatl, my name is Mashu Kyrielite!"
"That's a cute name! I'm Quetzalcoatl, but if you think that's a mouthful, please call me Coatl~"
Ana says that it's not very good, since Coatl just mean "snake," right?
"Ara? That young woman over there, aren't you -"
"You should keep your mouth shut, you Meso-American (Latino) goddess, since that kid's carrying a heavy burden given what she's involved in."
"Hmm, I guess you're right, so let me be proper as befitting that of an elder. Good afternoon, Ishtar, this is the first time we've met, right"
"Hmph. Of course. We just fought a bunch too earlier."
"Aaah~ We're friends now, friends! You're so cold, Ishtar, you have to smile! Smile like the sun is bright!"
"You aren't the boss of me. Who wants to shine randomly like you? That's not elegant at all!
I'll have you know if I brighten up, I'll catch everyone's attention. I'll be brighter than anyone else! But, I only give that blessing to specially selected people - that is how a goddess of beauty is supposed to live. Why would I like you, who's all smiles and bright all the time?"
Quetzalcoatl isn't buying it.
"Hmm, that seriousness doesn't suit you. Is it because of nature, or is it because of your container? No matter what, to learn of your seriousness, has that ever happened to you in your divine life?
Well, I'll wish you luck. You've met some amazing people this time too!"
"...Stop looking down upon me you stupid idiot. You're the one that's been hopelessly corrupted by human culture!
I mean what the heck is this stupid wrestling, Lucha libre whatever that you're going on about! You're wasting your life! You're like, taking a space shuttle and using it as a handcart! Do you not SEE that from the perspective of those you've captured, you're FAR MORE disruptive than destroying humanity?"
"Aaah? Is that so? A space-shuttle, what's that? Some kind of powerful aerial fighting technique?"
"I'm not complimenting you I'm insulting you! Argh, I've had it. This goddess only has Lucha libre in her head at this point!"
Gudako interjects at this point and says that they really are arguing like sisters. Ishtar protests, but Romani says it's not quite wrong. Both goddess hold the power of Venus. Ishtar is already the goddess of venus, and Quetzalcoatl is the actualization of the star of inspiration in Aztec myth. He guesses that the connection might be so strong that Quetzalcoatl appeared as a goddess because Venus is so acutely associated with beauty.
"Yeah, that would explain why she put the Sun Stone inside her temple, but she never planned to use it. That woman is seriously just going to just use her body alone and shine as a goddess."
(Ishtar comes across as being jealous.)
"Hah? No no, the Sun Stone has many dangers associated with it, so I am forbidden from using it!
Outside of the arena the only thing you're allowed to use are folding chairs anyways!
(Calling it now. Quetzalcoatl strengthening quest drops special CE: metal chair. When equipped to Quetzalcoatl, increase Buster card damage by 3900%.)
What about you, that eye-catching magician over there, mister? Good afternoon, dweller within dreams. Did you make that cradle?"
Merlin answers.
"Yes, wise Quetzalcoatl. Your title of the god of wisdom and the spreader of civilization isn't just for show - though come to think of it, you have a lot of titles! Too many, in fact. Are you the type of god that works hard from early morning?"
"Aw, it's only because there aren't anyone else who can do the job! I've been making it work for a while now, figure I'll just keep on doing it until some other one more suitable than me takes over the job!
Anyways, now that I've said hi to everyone, let's get onto business. About that Axe of Marduk -"
Taiga objects, saying that isn't it not befitting a goddess to just ignore her like that?
"Ara,ara, is that the noise of a fairy? That's so common in these days - you can hear their voices but you can't see them. Just ignore it! I'm doing fine, everyone is fine, so no one say anything, right?"
"Are you a devil? I'm here, I'm here nyah! Stop posing and gesturing with that "there's no one there, nothing to see here" hand gesture nyah!"
"Adios, adios!"
Quetzalcoatl poses with the "there's no one there, nothing to see here" hand gesture.
(This one I get, it's goodbye in Spanish, right?)
"I can't take it anymore! How can you treat me like this? I've been working hard for you all this time!
I try to fish, you want to kill me. I fight back, you want to kill me. I go outside and play, you still want to kill me. Do you hate me nyah!?"
"Yes, I really don't like you. Please go die thanks~"
Mashu is surprised at how different Quetzalcoatl's reaction to Taiga- er, Jaguar-man is, but Romani has an explanation. The Jaguar god (Tezcatlipoca) is also a first-tier god in Mesoamerican legends. Just how Quetzalcoatl is the pinnacle of good, Tezcatlipoca is the pinnacle of evil, so the two are ultimate rivals.
In legend, Tezcatlipoca murdered Quetzalcoatl and destroyed the civilization Quetzalcoatl was trying hard to raise.
At this point Gudako interrupts and muses that so Taiga is really a heroic spirit after all.
"Of course! I'm totally real! Who do you all think I am anyways?"
"To be honest, we thought you were an illusion or something. Mexico has really good cacti!"
"You think I'm a spirit of Peyote?
Well, nyah, as you can see I am definitely a pitiable Jaguar spirit that's been constantly abused by Quetzalcoatl nyah...
I got some living sacrifices at last but I'm not allowed to eat their hearts... Quetzalcoatl has no feelings..."
Quetzalcoatl answers sternly that in front of her, no living human sacrifices are to be allowed.
"If I must accept such sacrifices, then it should only be done once, at great instances where a king is passing the throne onward. Living human sacrifices are strictly forbidden in all other circumstances. It's a thing that Tezcatlipoca does that stands in opposite to who I am."
Taiga argues that Quetzalcoatl's attempts to make the soldiers buff and become experts in falling is worse than dying. Quetzalcoatl retorts and asks coyly if she'd like to join them.
"Or would you like me to break your arms and legs and toss you in an oceanic trench?"
That shuts Taiga up whose only retort is to whine to Gudako that maybe they got tricked. Quetzalcoatl, however, goes back to business. She asks Merlin if their goal isn't to kill her but to recover the axe.
Merlin answers yes, and says that it's troubling because he didn't realize the axe is very large. Quetzalcoatl says not to worry, even though the axe weighs as much as Eridu, she'll just call on her flying dinosaurs.
"Weave some rope out of the vine of this jungle, and I'll order my Pterosaurs to carry it to Uruk. Hmm, I will organize them in groups of three hundred, rotating three flights. That way we should be able to get it there in three days. Is that fast enough?"
"Yes, absolutely! That's great help! Quetzalcoatl is great! She's definitely several tiers higher than Merlin in terms of getting things done!"
"Hey! My job is to think! It uses brain power! Comparing me to a war goddess in terms of getting things done is a bit unfair - thouhg Quetzalcoatl is very dependable, that is truth! I think there are many things we'll need her help with in the future.
Though, just letting a woman do all the work, I feel kind of bad -"
"Ah? No need to show concern like that! Merlin, I actually have a job for you before I call my pterosaurs. See those watchers standing next to the axe?
Those are defenses left by the Mesopotamian gods. To prevent abuse from the gods, they are imbued with anti-divinity capabilities. They're a bit troublesome for Ishtar and I, so please go defeat them for me!"
Merlin sighs. He knew it wouldn't be that easy, though it's easy compared to fighting Quetzalcoatl. He reminds Gudako to pick the right teammates, and Mashu echoes his opinion.
After the battle, Quetzalcoatl is pleased. Merlin has already contacted Gilgamesh, and says that the axe will arrive one day prior to Gorgon's attack. Mashu suggests that they head back to Uruk, but Quetzalcoatl says there's one thing they should look at. There's a seal in the center of the city that they should look at.
"This is the heart of Eridu, where the king's rule first descended. I feel kinda awkward introducing this, since I'm technically a goddess from another place..."
Romani explains that it's a bit like a contract from the gods. The kingships of Mesopotamia are determined by heaven, and it's one that's capable of being moved from those that commands it.
The seal, as Merlin explains, is just that. It's similar to a seal in today's world where one puts some paint or colors on it and then the patterns on it can be replicated. Of course, while these seals are common in Uruk, they are used in magical rituals.
For the Urukians, all they have to do is carve stories on these cylinders, roll it on the clay, and then stories can be mass produced. This particular one appears to be the biggest and the oldest one.
Merlin does something to transcribe the story, where depictions of a city and a dragon can be seen. He explains that the story is one where Mesopotamia shall return to its original form when rings of light appears in the skies.
Mashu asks if the great dragon is Tiamat or Gorgon. All the goddesses say that they can't say anything. Taiga says that maybe they can tell a bit, but Quetzalcoatl explains that actually, this is just a tourist trap, and there's no other meaning.
Joke aside, Romani gets it. Eridu and Uruk are similar sized cities. This legend - and why the Mesopotamians fear Tiamat - is because they know this particular story and its prophecy. Thus, Gilgamesh spent all that time preparing the fortresses and the city for this moment.
Quetzalcoatl laughs that even though she has no right to joke about this, since she was formerly a member of the three goddesses, the people of Uruk must be really grim to prepare for the end of the world. Yet, at the end of the day, all's well ends well. After all, it was only through their efforts in delaying the end of the world by half a year that Gudako managed to get here in time.
"So, it's my time to repay that effort! Even though I'm a goddess that's kind of frivolous at times, I'll do my best to help you all!"
Merlin says that frivolousness is no issue at all, and even though he's a bit surprised at how fast she changed sides, he welcomes the assistance. Plus, he figured out why she wanted to show Gudako the seal.
"You're really a goddess that wants to protect humanity and watch it grow, right? Though, you don't smother humanity with excessive protections. So, unlike a mother, you're more like a reliable big sister."
"Teehee! I'm really embarrassed now~ Actually, someone's already calling me that -"
Taiga tries to interject and says that there's another big sister too! Me!
"...Wait a minute, isn't this the typical storyline of a harem anime? Three goddesses, one small girl, one kouhai, there are too many girls here!"
Quetzalcoatl tells Taiga that she's in charge of making sure the pterosaurs are working hard.
"Aaaaah? Nooooo! Why am I relegated to the secondary cast again! I want to stay next to Gudako where the spotlight is nyah!"
"Teeheehee, I will not repeat myself again."
(Caption: I could also turn you into a Jaguar-carpet. Which one would you like?"
"Ok! Leave the commanding of the pterosaurs to me! I guarantee you three days we will get it to Uruk!"
Ana notes that Quetzalcoatl's judgment is appropriate, and now they've split ways with Taiga. Quetzalcoatl says that it's best that there's one less rival on her way back (She's taking the harem thing seriously), and since Ishtar can fly back, there's no need to travel in the forests with the party.
"So why don't you leave this part to me and Ana and you go on ahead to Uruk?"
Ishtars says she's staying.
"I'm not going to leave a goddess with obvious motives alone, right, Mashu? You're on my side?"
"Haaa? I'm not on anyone's side! I just want to keep everyone safe on the way back!"
Romani says that this isn't a harem work but more like a casino. Gudako laughs that probably because it was all guys last time, right? Romani says that well, given how much they've traveled, it's only natural that one trip gets taken with hot girls. Of course, he warns that they may be attacked by monsters, but since they're used to it by now, it shouldn't be anything to be concerned about.
"Enjoy your trip, though don't be careless!"
(That night)
Gudako senses that Ishtar is here early, and Ishtar says that she's got good senses.
"Though, you didn't even turn your head around when I got here, and I have something to say about that! Are you that sensitive to me already? I wouldn't be unhappy if that's the case.
Either way, I need to teach you some manners about treating a goddess!"
Gudako asks if that's so, and Ishtar says that it's rude to just stare at her face without saying anything. It's no good, goddess or not a goddess.
"You should say something elegant, or whisper some sweet or charming words in my ear! Eh, forget it.
I thought to reward you this time, since another goddess joined us. Good job. This is a compliment from me. You did well, but for some reason, I'm still a little angry.
Give me your face and let me pull on it.
Aaahh... I feel less angry now... The effect is remarkable. Let me write that down.
"Note that when Gudako improves relationships with other goddesses, my physical attack parameters increase and mood becomes considerably less dark, thus -"
Anyways anyways! Quetzalcoatl may look a bit foolish but she's the strongest out of the three goddesses. If she goes all out, even Gorgon will lose to her. However, because of the pact, there is no point, so this discussion is meaning."
Gudako asks if this means that they'll have to fight it out on their own, and Ishtar agrees -
"That's right, so you can't relax yet. Quetzalcoatl won't be - Gudako?
Wait, you look really sick! Are you sick? Give me your forehead!
Waw, you're burning up! This is the first time I've seen that! The forest, is it the forest's fault? Is this some kind of unknown disease on the planet? The surface world is unclean! Unclean, unclean!!"
Gudako says that she's just tired.
"I-is that so? How tired are you?
Oh, oh. You haven't rested properly in a month... Wait! That's working too much!
Even in the underworld, the manual laborers are released from their burden after three days of work!"
Gudako says that maybe it is that she's a little overworked these days, and Ishtar answers that it might be the case.
"...That's really harsh for a human. Okay, why don't I watch tonight, and you lie down over there? I'll make sure that everything stays safe.
I swear in the name of Ereshkigal that no enemies shall approach you."
(Spoilers: in case people haven't figure it out already...)
"...So you should rest up. Of course, you could tell me some of those stories. The night is long, so since I don't want you to be bored, I might be willing to listen to you tell me some stories if you need to talk to someone!"
Gudako nods, and begins her story.
(A lot of time pass)
"Throwing a pyramid from the heavens. What kind of a stupid heroic spirit is that? I know! He must be equally stupid as that King Gilgamesh!
I really like that Nitocris! Anyone who values the spirit of the dead is a heroic spirit that knows what they're doing.
Eh, the skull mask guys, forget about them. Nailing bones on their faces while still alive, that sounds really painful...
Sorry you didn't get any rest, but I'm so happy! Thank you for telling me these stories!"
Gudako asks if she's happy.
"Yes, and, for you, these adventures may be very dangerous and difficult, but what you do are the things that I've already dreamed of.
I've always wanted to go on adventures that make the heart beat. More importantly, no matter what happened, there's always a happy ending!
See, you aren't the only one trying hard. None of the humans in those areas lost, either. Even though they suffered many hardships, they still clenched their teeth and stood up valiantly.
Yup, that's the way of humanity. Nature, fate, gods, and humanity's own evil. Only humanity has the ability to beat up and defeat so many unreasonable things!
That's what's worthy of my protection!"
"Do you like humanity? Or do you like adventure?"
"I-if you have to put it like that, yes, I like both.
I want to protect humanity, and I want to try adventures like that. But that kind of freedom, to me...
... Hey, the sun's going to come up. Almost time to sleep too. It's time to go back to Uruk now, yeah? Even though there's monsters all over, you're going to be alright, right?
Of course, I can't guarantee what happens IN Uruk, but ... goodbye. Our night's conversation is at an end here.
You're a weak human so remember to rest up!"
Four days until Gorgon attacks.
(Back at Uruk)
"W~OW~ The walls that I wrecked are as good as new! The people of Uruk are the great-est!"
"Of course. The people of Uruk are all hard working. The only problem child in the city is goldie, though that Gilgamesh King will surely bow his head this time!
Something like, "I could not think that even Quetzalcoatl became an ally! Are you truly the goddess of victory, Ishtar?"
Something like that!"
Merlin laughs and says that for once, that might be right. Gilgamesh probably only saw Quetzalcoatl being defeated, he probably didn't see what Gudako did -
Ana is suddenly very quiet.
Gudako asks her what's wrong.
"... That guard isn't here. There's no smell of blood, but I sense something's wrong. Gudako, I have something I have to do, please let me go off alone. If I know things are okay, I'll be back at the embassy as soon as possible."
Mashu says that now that she mentions it, Uruk's energy seems to have gone. The loud noises of construction have died down too.
"Let's hurry to the city center, Master. Let's see what's going on."
Merlin says that the streets are empty and the exchanges are closed. He wonders what has happened.
"Lord Merlin, you are back? Aaah, but you ... you are too late, sir."
(It's the soldier that Ana was talking about)
"Oh, it's you. Good to see you. What happened? What do you mean too late?"
"Yes, Lord Merlin, and Lady Gudako from Chaldea, please calm down and listen to me.
King Gilgamesh has already passed away.
Right now, there is a funeral in the temple."
Gudako: W-what???
(At the temple)
"So there really is a funeral. Shiduri, what is going on?"
"Aaah, everyone...Welcome back. But, with many regrets, King Gilgamesh, he has already ..."
"What happened? How could anyone kill that king?"
Merlin nods at Gudako's shock. It is strange. Gilgamesh has the ability to see into the future, so any assassinations, he should have seen coming from a while ago. In fact, the reason why he's staying on the throne and giving orders is so he can explicitly avoid outcomes where he die on the battlefield. That's the agreement he made with Merlin.
"So who, how! How did Gilgamesh die!"
(One of the dialogue options is Gudako noticing that Merlin is visibly very angry, which is a rarity for him.)
Shiduri is sheepish. She seems to have an answer.
"Hmm, hmm! How fearsome. How sharp. Hmm, hmm!"
"King Gilgamesh?! Why are you suddenly shaking? Are you not feeling well?"
"No, you fool! The Teeth of Napishtim's design has finally been completed! Look at this and marvel! Be amazed!
This is a work of my pride. Send it to the armory, and tell them there is no more time. Do not build this inside Uruk, but rather build it on site. Complete this in two days. That."
Shiduri thinking: (Oh. So is this because he was so happy that he's expressing a kingly aura?)
"Ooh, this is...?"
Then she understood what he was going for.
"So if you exert pressure from the outside, it will assemble itself piece by piece. So a transformation would only take ten seconds. That's the work of a genius.
O, my king, have you thought about becoming an architect?"
"Do not praise me so. If you are too serious, I might just become charmed.
Of course a king must learn of architecture! Of course a king must achieve a few small things!
And, by the way, the construction is using a build-up of pressure, so it looks like a wave rising from the oceans. Because it also looks like taking large gulps of ale, I have named it, "Mug-up." (please see footnote on the bottom) What says you?"
"It's perfect, my king. Please go apply for a patent now. This is a perfect secret weapon in our upcoming battle against Gorgon. I shall order the materials transported to Nippur immediately."
"Fool, we will do the opposite. Build it from here to here, and deploy it as such..."
"Eeh? Why are you putting it there? What about Gorgon?"
"Against Gorgon? That's Gudako's responsibility. I shall not interfer - ugh..."
"My King? You are indeed not feeling well..."
"...I suppose so. My head aches. I think I'm trying too hard these days. If my magic drops, the protective field will lose its strength as well, and the monsters may attack if it is weakened.
... Tomorrow Merlin comes back. sigh Before then -"
(Random Uruk soldiers show up)
"My apologies for disturbance, your majesty King Gilgamesh! Orders from the Northern Wall!"
"My apologies for disturbance, your majesty King Gilgamesh! Requests from the markets in the east!"
"My apologies for disturbance, your majesty king Gilgamesh! Reports of compensation from the brothel!"
"My apologies for disturbance, your majesty king Gilgamesh! Invitations from the school of priesthoods!"
"My apologies for disturbance, your majesty king Gilgamesh! The marriage and funeral approvals from the priestesses!"
"Aaaaaargh! All of you line up, get in line! Let me take care of things in order! Shiduri, hurry and go to the armory!"
(Gilgamesh apparently took care of some reports.)
...Is it over? Can I take a break?
How is it that things are so busy? Are they trying to cause the king to die by exhaustion? before the final battles with the goddesses?
Phew... the throne is supposed to be a place where the king's will is displayed, and not a place to rest one's body, but I don't have a choice...
I think I've got five minutes before Shiduri comes back...
So before that...
Just a little ...
(Scene changes)
...Ugh, did I fall asleep?
... Every minute is precious. Shiduri! How long have I, the king, slept? One minute? Five minutes?
... Umu...
"The King, who wakes from his nap, has found himself in the bottom of the underworld -"


Shiduri is sad.
"So, as you can see, that's what happened. By the time I got back, the king is taking a sleep ... an eternal one."
Gudako asks if it's really death by overwork. Romani says it's impossible.
"First of all, that's not possible. Not possible! Especially if it's overwork! No way that happens, and this is something I take very seriously since it's very relevant to me!
This is King Gilgamesh! If he can die by overwork, then we'd have lost count on how many times he's died!"
Merlin says that he lost his cool earlier, too, and now that he thinks about it, this is strange. He asks if Shiduri noticed anything strange while they were gone.
Shiduri says that now that she thinks about it. The monster attacks have reduced, but there are many cases where people are suddenly dying of weakness.
"I had to prepare the king's funeral so I didn't think much, but this is unusual, and this -"
Quetzalcoatl interjects, and points out the obvious.
"What you want to say is unnatural. King Gilgamesh did not die from overwork, but rather, he was murdered.
Only something from the goddess alliance can carry it out. Only they hav ethe power."
Mashu says that may be true, but can Gorgon do something like this? Killing unseen?
Gudako laughs, that even Quetzalcoatl can only kill physically, and maybe Ishtar can laugh but she still needs her bow.
Mashu: "Yes, no one in the three goddess alliance should be able to do this kind of silent assassination..."
"Haa? What are you talking about?"
"Yeah, you two, Ishtar didn't join the three goddess alliance. That one's just been here hampering us the whole time!"
Mashu is surprised, but she thinks about it again, yeah, Ishtar's killed monsters belonging to Gorgon before, so that's definitely against the alliances.
"But who's the third goddess?"
"Who else but Ereshkigal, of course! Do you not know? The mistress of the underworld. A native goddess of mesopotamia, the puppeteer of death and ghosts, Ishtar's sister, the queen of the underworld Ereshkigal!"
Ishtar's turn to be shocked.
"W-what? Ereshkigal is here too? Why?"
"Even Ms. Ishtar doesn't know the true name of the third goddess. But ... why? The only Sumerian divinity still left should be Ms. Ishtar..."
Merlin remembers.
"Oh, so that's what that cryptic line, "The underworld still stands" mean. So that's how it is. Well, it all makes sense now. Ereshkigal's awakening, Ishtar not noticing, it all makes sense!"
Romani chides Merlin to not use that "only I get it :3" expression, and demands that he explains it to everyone.
Merlin says that the Mistress of Heaven (Ishtar) and the Mistress of the Underworld (Ereshkigal) are polar opposites. In fact, in myth, Ishtar once tried to rush past the underworld, and her divinity was stripped by the gates of the underworld. Afterwards, she was killed by Ereshkigal.
"Isn't that right, Goddess Ishtar?"
"...Yeah, so what. Hmph, all the powers I collected to beat Ereshkigal got stripped away by those detestable seven gates, and I got dragged naked in front of her and then got stabbed a lot of times by her spear. Since then I'm really not good with her, but -
Why is Ereshkigal here? Why did she join the three goddess alliance?"
Merlin says that that's probably only her to know. However, Ereshkigal was probably summoned at the same time she is.
"At first, I was confused why the head priestess died after your summoning. My guess now is that Ereshkigal probably killed her. What was summoned wasn't one, but rather, two.
The host - that young woman - she must be very blunt and straightforward. So her goodness and evilness got split into two parts. One part became you, the other half is Ereshkigal."
Gudako jokes that then the evil part must became Ishtar and the good part became Ereshkigal.
"Okay, okay, okay! I get it, so it might be a bit much saying that I'm a good goddess, but how do you get a lot of offerings without being at least a little bit evil?
Also, for your insolence, Gudako, I'm going to invite you to Inanna after this. I will allow you to experience something much more fearsome than the underworld <3"
Romani nods, and says that those two are opposites. One symbolizes human life, the Great Earth Mother, the other symbolizes human death, the Terrible Earth Mother.
(Nasu's English. ._.)
The two goddesses are one, and born from one divinity. There are many legends where the goddess of life became the goddess of death, like the Japanese legend Izanami.
"Thus, if Ishtar is summoned, Ereshkigal will be summoned too. Because there is only one divinity, so it only counts as "one divinity left in Sumer."
"Waaaah, wait, so maybe that girl's been secretly stealing my body all this time!"
Merlin says that's possible, since Ereshkigal couldn't leave the underworld. If she had to act, she'll have to borrow Ishtar's body. For instance, while she's sleeping ...
Gudako brightens. Now it all makes sense.
"So, the fragrance of death is all around Uruk. Ereshkigal's garula ghosts will take the spirits of those who are weak of body. That's my guess - King Gilgamesh's soul got taken to the underworld too."
Shiduri brightens too.
"If that's the case, then it's not too late! We haven't buried the body yet, so if we can rescue him from the underworld, he'll wake up again, right?"
Merlin agrees.
"That's correct, and if King Gilgamesh dies, the battle will be difficult. We cannot fight Gorgon without his guidance, so -"
Mashu is excited.
"Let's head to the underworld and get King Gilgamesh's soul back, right sempai?"
"That's right, Mashu."
"Bah, wait you two! You want to go to the underworld? That's too foolhardy! That's the underworld. UNDERWORLD!
No matter what kind of heroic spirit or divinity, you'll be weakened there. Ereshkigal is absolute law. NO matter what you do, if you're caught, she'll torture you by stabbing you a whole lot!"
Gudako's response?
"We must rescue! King Gilgamesh!"
Romani says of course. It's a great opportunity, and it's also one where Gilgamesh will owe everyone a big favor afterwards.
Ishtar (thinking to herself): This doesn't look good. If I don't run away now -
"Al-right~ You aren't going anywhere~"
Quetzalcoatl grabs Ishtar.
"Ishtar, you know how to get to the Underworld right? So hurry up~ Take us there~
No problems~ Gudako can surely get the third goddess too~ Yupyup~"
"W-wait you stupid idiot musclehead Mesoamerican goddess! Let me go!
Let! Me! Go!
Tammuz isn't there anymore! If you die you can't be alive again!
Why are we going to a place like the underworld????"

Three days until Gorgon attacks.

(Note: Okay, so here's the deal. The original word is a nonsensical pun. The first part, ジョッキ, is literally a jug or a stein. It's a loanword used to describe a big mug used for drinking beer, and it sounds very similar to the second thing. The second bit and the entire thing is a pun on "ジャッキアップ," (it's literally the thing you use to raise up your car when there's a flat tire. I don't know what to call it. I think it's probably a loanword from English too).
The thing that Gilgamesh came up with is replacing the first part of "jack-up" with "jakki," which again, sounds similar to the mug thing.
... and Gilgamesh says earlier that he doesn't know poetry or wordplay.)
(Happy New Year, everyone.
Thank you to all who commented. I promise you will not see another post with that much ramble.
Regrettably, I cannot post any more in-game screenshots to accompany my storytelling. I will have to use what I have saved up, since I can no longer access my account. Here's hoping it gets recovered. If not, well, I feel like I've had a good time anyhow.
A few small blemishes, however, does not detract from my otherwise amazingly good year, and I only write now to express a new year's wish and sentiment.
I wish to become wiser. Wiser, in the sense of being more emotionally mature and becoming a better person.
Now, I've been fairly critical of the last couple of arcs, mostly because they sometimes come across as being formulaic. As I've mentioned, I really don't like certain characters (Taiga), but what this chapter has done for me is two things.
It's solidified my appreciation for Gilgamesh. There are plenty of detractors, but Gilgamesh' Uruk and his supporting cast - particularly his interactions with Shiduri - is very humanizing. This is a good example, I think, of a character who is not completely whitewashed. Gilgamesh still have a larger-than-life ego, and he still have his own flaws, but he is infinitely human. He does offer praise, and in this case, you can even see him display feelings of both affection and humility.
If his appearance in other recent works have more or less been "less serious," then I think what was done here is great. Caster Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh (as we know him) are the same person, and it's very touching to see more of him.
The other surprise character in this chapter turned out to be Ereshkigal. For some reason, TYPE-MOON's minor supporting characters (Shiduri and Ana - given context of Rider and Gorgon - being the other ones) has always managed to impress me in the sense that I actually like them better than the "protagonists." Despite not giving nearly the same amount of screen time as Ishtar, where Ereshkigal show up, my heart melted.
Yes, her characterization is pretty ordinary, and you can all see what'll happen from a mile away, but she fits perfectly the definition of moe. You want to make her feel better about herself and make her feel appreciated. For a character who can evoke such an emotion, without any voice acting or anything else, I think it's really impressive.
Sometimes simple things do work.
Or, to put it in other terms. Merlin had Garden of Avalon and the last two chapters to shenanigans about, as well as far more screentime anywhere else. Ereshkigal has had maybe three or four chapters in total, and I'm already looking forward in telling her story. If I was a guy I would totally try to make her my "waifu."
Put Ereshkigal in with Roman in a future gacha and I'll buy my way back to where I was, DW, think about it
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