Las Vegas' Most Famous and Notorious Crimes

The 4 Most Daring Casino Heists of All Time. Family Business, Stardust Las Vegas – Royal Hopper was a security guard employed at Stardust who in 1991 pulled off a heist right out of a Hollywood The casino heist of Stardust casino was one of the most surreptitious in history. William John Brennan, a sports book cashier at the casino, simply walked out of the door with an estimated $500 000 in cash and chips. Brennan disappeared after this – one could say that he quit and decided on $500 000 as his severance pay. This casino robbery is also one of the only truly successful ones on Local authorities were immediately joined by the FBI and the ATF in an attempt to solve the high-profile murder. Despite a $75,000 reward for information and many wild goose chases, the case remains open to this day. The FBI believed that casino magnate Benny Binion ordered the hit on Coulthard when Coulthard refused to renew Binion’s lease of the Horseshoe Casino. Robbery and Execution of Stardust (1992) Back in 1992 a certain Bill Brenan was employed as a dealer at Stardust Resort & Casino. One day he broke off for lunch and managed to smuggle $500,000 past the securities 2) Stardust Casino – 1992 (Las Vegas) The Stardust was one of the Strip’s most legendary casinos, and it was also home to one of Vegas’ most legendary heists. One day in 1992, casino cashier Daring Casino Heists at Las Vegas’ Stardust starring, William John Brennan. Theft from Stardust, 1992. This was not so much a heist as the thief, a sportsbook cashier at Stardust, simply walked out of the door of the former Vegas casino with half a million dollars worth of chips and cash in September 1992. 'Biker Bandit' Bellagio Robbery in 2010. The world came to know him as the “biker bandit,” the man who stole $1.5 million worth of casino chips from the Bellagio during a brazen heist Dec. 14 The Crown Casino in Perth, Australia suffered a $32-million-dollar robbery attempt by one of their staff members in 2013. The story involves two men; one of them a card dealer who’s sick of their job, the other a high roller visiting from a foreign country. The duo planned to take the wins and move the money as if it had been lost in regular play, hoping the casino wouldn’t catch the hit This robbery carried out in the heart of the American gambling industry would help a court and in August 2011 he was sentenced to 9 to 27 years in prison for the Bellagio incident and an earlier heist attempt at the Suncoast Casino 5 days before. Stardust Casino theft (1992) The Stardust Casino theft manages to be one of the most overlooked heists to take place in recent years perhaps due Every robbery on a casino is different and very few are exactly the same with thieves needing to be more and more creative to find a way past security and be one step ahead of the casino. In the past there have been many different attempts, each one utilising a novel technique, while not all are attempted for the same reasons. Every thief has their own unique motivation for trying to pull a

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